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Using a virtual private server (VPS) has always been a popular option, but there was a time when it was so much more expensive than a basic shared plan that only a few people could afford it. That’s changing, and you can tell by watching how the average price plans plummet. There’s also been an increase in job postings for VPS technicians and administrators. For those in the industry, it’s prime time to secure a position as a VPS guru. The tech is becoming more accessible, which means more website owners will want it, and in turn the demand for VPS experts will skyrocket.

These genuine job postings are indicative of common ads found around North America. One posting for a VPS Admin is looking for someone with WordPress experience (since that’s what’s running on their VPS) as well as familiarity with cPanel and WHM. The employer is aware of WP’s vulnerabilities, which is why they’re seeking someone who can “clean up Trojans/viruses” on WP domains while recording explanations of the issues. They’re looking for an admin that can teach them and advise them so similar problems don’t pop up in the future. Finally, they want a VPS Admin who can increase site speed (who doesn’t?).

Dust Off Your Resume

Another posting for a Web Server Admin features an employer looking for someone to recover VPS data. They’re on the hunt for a contractor who cleans up Trojans/viruses, finds out if data in other locations is accessible and able to move to WP, and who can install new websites onto a new VPS. This remote fixed price gig is offering $80, which could be some easy cash depending on how quickly you work—and how much of a mess this employer is really facing.

A jack of all trades posting doesn’t feature a job title (yet) but notes they’re looking for an expert who can setup a Linux Server, WHM, and cPanel. They just added VPS and need to move their old hosting solutions to it. However, first they need someone to setup their VPS correctly. During this process, they want to be taught how to take care of these tasks on their own in the future.

Career Changes

If you’re not interested in teaching, a Server Maintenance position features a business who’s had a VPS for over ten years. All sites are WP, and there’s WHM and cPanel featured. Taking care of blacklists, WP vulnerabilities, and basic server monitoring is what this job’s all about. Fortunately, it seems like the employer knows what is needed, so this is a more straightforward option.

It’s clear that everyone is jumping on the VPS bandwagon—should your business or website be next? Since it’s the same price as basic shared hosting, it’s an easy solution. However, business websites with moderate traffic and scalability in the future are the best matches. VPS hosting isn’t for everyone, but as you can see from these job postings it’s become the hosting choice du jour.



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