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Ok, we are not going to be talking about using a carrier for hosting, or anything else along those lines.  Over the past little bit we have talked a bit more about researching for PPC keywords, and other online marketing tips. But we are definitely well into the mobile phone and high internet speed age, with more people using the internet on their phones than on their computers now.  PPC marketing in the mobile arena is something that used to be somewhat new, but is now solidly in place in the PPC marketing world.  If you are a PPC marketer, and you have not identified that you want a piece of that giant market, then I have got some news for you!  Lets take a look at how you can get better search revenue through your Mobile PPC campaigns.

First, I will go over one thing that should go without saying, but I will say it anyway.  Optimize your mobile landing pages!  If you do not have a landing page that is compatible with a mobile browser, you need one right now.  When you have that, make sure that there are easily clickable buttons(likely a bit larger, for the fat-fingers crowd)m making sure you get the right contact information on the site in an easily accessible place, and making sure that the mobile site is easy to navigate on a small device.

I would also recommend a campaign that targets mobile devices separately from desktop/laptop computers.  If you can have exclusive campaigns going to mobile, desktop, and tablet devices separately, that would be even better.  I would assert that this is likely the most important part of your mobile PPC campaigns.

Lastly, I would make sure that your keyword selection for the mobile campaigns keeps your mobile users in mind.  For example, if a mobile searcher is searching for “sony headphones” he is probably likely to be searching to buy the headphones.  A desktop searcher may actually be looking to do research on the product and looking for more details.  This means that it is beneficial to be a bit more selective and possibly more specific when marketing to your mobile audience.  If you don’t yet know how to correctly choose the best keywords for your mobile marketing campaign, start out with a spreadsheet.  make a column for desktop and make a column for mobile, and in the mobile column, write down the keywords you would like to have.  Compare the two similar keywords or keyword sets between the mobile and the desktop, and try to figure out that way which one you actually prefer for your mobile applications.

If you can use these tips to expand your mobile campaign success, then I promise you will not regret it.  Take another look at how you set up your PPC campaigns, and let us know how everything works out for you. Combine that with the suggestions here, and you should be set!

Photo Credit – Flickr: Abdelfattah Benammi

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