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You know virtual private server/VPS hosting is the right choice for your company, but do the higher ups feel the same way? If they know nothing about what a web host does, it can be a tough sell—especially when your boss is busy or assumes your hosting package is “just fine.” However, pitching VPS can give you a platform to shine, show off your IT skills, and prove to your managers that you have the company’s best interest in mind. Create an elevator pitch for VPS to pique their interest (you can save the in-depth conversations for later).

You need to craft a pitch that shows the problem, the solution, and highlights the perks a manager will understand, like cost savings in the long run and a better product. You also need to do this in a manner that educates, yet doesn’t talk down to them. This can be tough, and talking about technology can be just as confusing as legalese to many people. However, if you want to help your company succeed in 2016, it starts now with the perfect sell.

Get the Figures

If you feel fairly comfortable approaching your boss, you don’t need to butter them up with small talk and an interesting “hook.” Instead, get figures like how many bouncebacks the company website gets, the number of online conversions, and the average site load speed on mobile devices. Pepper in some outside statistics, like the fact that Google says the average website user won’t wait a fraction of a second longer than they deem appropriate for a website to load. You can likely come up with some estimates on how many visitors you’re losing to slow site speeds.

If the company website has had a problem with a hack or virus (very likely), that also works in your pitch’s favor. Get these statistics from the go-to person on your IT team, because this is sheer gold. VPS hosting minimizes security risks, and words like “breach” will put your boss on high alert. Most breaches happen to small businesses because they don’t have proper measures in place. Now it’s time to show your boss why sharing isn’t always the right answer.

To Share or Not to Share? 

A basic shared hosting plan is the epitome of sharing. A VPS hosting plan, while still sharing a physical server, basically gives you your very own slice of a virtual server. Your boss might not care much either way at this point, because their biggest concern is going to be the bottom line. Research US-based web hosts, especially local options, and find VPS options that are the same price or very similar to basic or shared hosting plans. However, you’re still not out of the woods—it’s pretty unbelievable that you can get so much more for the same price.

Printouts help here, as do any visual aids that prove your numbers are correct. It’s likely that you’ll need to look beyond your current web host, since most don’t offer VPS. Still, if you explain to your boss how easy it is to switch, you just might have won the VIP (or CEO!) over.

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