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So November was a weird month for me personally and for Hostt as well.

You see this inadvertently became an experiment on what I like to call “sink or swim”.

What is “sink or swim”?

It’s the my litmus test for letting go of a business for X amount of time and seeing if can really produce profit on it’s own.

Hostt passed with flying colors.

Here are the November metrics.

Free WordPress Hosting Traffic

Free WordPress Hosting Traffic


Hostt Metrics Free WordPress Hosting

Hostt Metrics Free WordPress Hosting

As you can see, we lost a little ground in traffic and clicks.

We did about 2/3 of the sales that we did in October.

Our conversion rate was a little low.

Mind you…All of this was done while Hostt was on autopilot.

What? What? 

Some background about my current situation…

I became engaged in a construction project in Guatemala that really consumed alot of my time from mid October until early December.

Additionally, I did not make the time to write the mid-month income report or even LOOK at Hostt’s metrics for most of the month.

In other words…I let it run and do whatever it was going to do.

Zero work. Zero input. Zero blog articles.

My SEO guy, Al Gomez even saw that the blog needed some kind of update so he had a freelance writer string something together on whether free hosting was right for you.

I thought the article was OK at best.

Coincidentally, my lack of time invested in Hostt during November, led me to see several important points.

  1. Hostt has been profitable for 6 months.

  2. Hostt is at a point where it can be profitable AND be mostly hands-off. Passive income!

  3. Hostt has steady traffic and click-through numbers that are steadily growing for the long-term.

  4. Hostt can definitely produce better results if I were to actually pay attention and grow it.

Unfortunately, life has taken a different direction for me and although I love the idea of having a profitable hosting business…my sudden realization is that this project is no longer something I want to keep engaged in.

Moreover, it was a fun ride for these last 10 months, and we achieved our goal of turning Hostt into a profitable business and now it’s time to hand the reins to someone else. I would have loved to hit the $5k/month in profit goal but we got about halfway there when my life took a different turn…

Someone else can carry the torch from where we are to the $5k/month mark.

This “someone” would ideally be a person looking to focus their efforts and grow the traffic and reap the benefits of such a well-positioned business in the free website hosting space.

After consulting with my business partner, this is the right thing to do… will now be auctioned off for sale.

Stay tuned for the details.

It’s been a fun ride…I hope you learned and were inspired by our journey from Zero to Profit.

From Guatemala…Mike Orozco



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