Free hosting is a great place to start building a website. Whether you are building your first website or are a veteran builder, using a free host has a lot of advantages – they are easy to use, offer tons of template choices, and there are a variety of free hosting platforms to meet your needs… aka Hostt.

Free hosting is a starting point for a lot of new web publishers. Many have small businesses or are freelancers and they are trying to bootstrap everything – including their web presence.

If you are starting out and putting your business on a free host, there are a few important points that you should know to eliminate or minimize common mistakes many people make when using free hosts.

What are the most common mistakes made with free hosting services?

Using Any Old Content on Your Site

Though its a free site, that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the quality of your content. Be sure to use the best content you can create, including formatting, images, and links.

Additionally, you be sure you create content that is not spammy or promotional. The best way to build trust and loyalty is to help your visitors with a problem, not throw marketing at them, a practice digital marketing expert Jay Baer calls Youtility.

Besides turning away readers, using low quality content could get your site deleted.

Not Backing up Your Website

Backing up your website, along with website security, is often one of the last things most online publishers consider. That is, until their page or entire website gets deleted.

When you publish a new page or post, you want to be sure to keep a copy of your content. If you can’t keep all the formatting and images, at least keep the text. God forbid your content gets taken down for violating terms of service, which can happen despite your best efforts.

Do your best to keep all the formatting, so that the web content can go right back up without missing a beat.

Relying on One Source to Back up your Online Content

It makes a lot of sense to manage your photos, videos, and web content in one place. However, what if your website is taken down, or you lose your account? You could quickly lose everything. What a painful lesson to learn when not on the right server! I am not saying this scenario is likely but if you keep multiple copies, you won’t be stuck having to build everything all over again.

Back up your photos on a free platform, like Flickr, as long as you have your website somewhere besides Yahoo. Put videos on YouTube or Vimeo, audio on iTunes, etc. Your can embed the code from various sources. Additionally, if you decide to build content elsewhere, you can use the same media without having to transfer it to another platform.

The Takeaway

When using free hosting, it is important to create high-quality work, promote it, protect it, and back it up. Free hosting can also be a great place to practice creating marketing campaigns like article marketing, paid ads, SEO, and other marketing strategies. The idea is to experiment and see what works for you.

However, it is important to have a core website, whether on paid or free hosting, on which you maintain the strictest of standards. In other words, don’t experiment on your main site. If something goes wrong, you will spend quite a bit of time fixing it. If you are using free hosting, it makes sense to open another account, perhaps even on another free host, to experiment with new ideas.

Free hosting has a lot of benefits for beginning marketers, small business owners, and freelancers. Knowing how to avoid the pitfalls that come with free hosting is imperative to keep your business presence consistent.


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  1. David says:

    Completely agree with the mistakes which you have mentioned above. These are the most common mistakes which people make while choosing web host for their website.

    We can’t deny that a web host is the backbone of every successful website. So we should always take care of it. Little mistake may leads huge loss.

    Most of the beginners think that If a web host is giving FREE Web Hosting to them then they would be the right web host for them which isn’t right. It is a fact that nothing comes FREE in this world so people should understand it and should always choose the web host wisely.

    I am glad that you have listed the major mistakes which will help us to avoid them when we will purchase web hosting.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article. 😀

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