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Maybe you’ve had virtual private server/VPS hosting for a while, or maybe you just recently upgraded. However, if your scalability is going up quicker than you can maintain pace, it might actually be time to move to a dedicated server. Don’t jump the gun on this one. Dedicated servers, even if they’re managed for you, are only for the biggest enterprises and corporations—as well as the few financial companies who handle very sensitive information. The vast majority of businesses don’t need dedicated servers and it won’t fit into their budget.

That being said, there’s certainly a market for dedicated servers. If you have VPS and you’re thinking about upgrading, talk to a web host who specializes in dedicated hosting first. You need to know the price points, price for maintenance, and decide if you want managed or unmanaged hosting. You can certainly buy whatever server you like, but keep in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for (and sometimes with dedicated servers you’re paying six figures!).

Here are a few signs that upgrading from VPS to dedicated might be for you:

  1. Price ain’t nothing but a number. Not only can you afford to buy a premium server, you think nothing of spending thousands of dollars per month on maintenance and upgrades. You have deep pockets, a thriving corporation, and this fits into your budget easily. If so, that’s great news! If not, never pay more for hosting than you can afford.
  1. You handle very sensitive documents. If your clients trust you with their finances or other highly sensitive information, you may need dedicated hosting. This is usually banking and investment institutions. If this is the case, you probably need managed, dedicated hosting which can cost more over the long haul.
  1. You’re a big target for cybercriminals. Again, you might fall into the sensitive document category, or maybe there’s another reason you’re a big target. If you’ve been hacked numerous times though, it’s probably because you have a shoddy web host and a subpar basic shared package. Instead of going dedicated, switching hosts and getting VPS (if you don’t have it already) might be a better answer.
  1. You’re growing faster than you planned. You went from startup to corporation to enterprise in what seems like the blink of an eye. Going too fast can lead to a crash. Protecting yourself, such as upgrading to dedicated hosting, can help prevent these calamities. If you’re growing too fast, one strategy is to make sure all your bases are covered starting with your hosting.
  1. You want to keep everything internal. Most hosts are trustworthy and few care what you’re doing on your site. Still, if you want to keep your business internal, managing a dedicated server yourself is the only way to do it. Yes, technically if you keep your physical server at a third-party they might compromise it, but that’s unlikely.

Going dedicated is a big step, and one you shouldn’t take lightly. Talk with a reputable web host before making this move.

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