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We have looked at some of the different pricing frustrations in the marketplace.  This is important on many levels.  We have also looked at some of the automated web hosting options available to you. Today, I feel it a bit important to take a look at some of the things done with our PPC campaigns and learn from some of our mistakes.  There are some PPC mistakes that are not really a big deal, and are quickly rectified.  There are also some mistakes on the PPC front that are really quite catastrophic, at least in the short term.  Rather than you all make these same mistakes, I would like to touch on them here so if you read, hopefully you will not have to!

Firstly, I want you all to be checking your campaign settings on the regular!  You can opt into something or end up paying for something you don’t realize very easily, without remembering it in the first place.  We all have different budgets, and maybe you don’t feel like you need to “sweat the small stuff,” but I assure you that all the extra stuff you have all adds up.  Make sure the small mistakes don’t happen, and it may end up saving you quite a bit of money.

The second bit of advice I would give you is to get out there and network.  If you are a born introvert, break that habit.  Do everything to can to meet as many people as your can, and genuinely offer your help to the people that you would love doing business with.  One of the most successful people I have ever met in the PPC and SEO world simply did just this.  He reached out to some of the best people in the best companies he knew of, and offered his services simply for the chance to learn some lessons from these successful people.  This has certainly paid off, as he is very successful himself simply from the lessons he was able to learn earlier in his SEO and PPC life.

I also would not ignore desktop editors, either.  It makes things much more efficient, and makes it easier to control your time and effort on your campaigns.  If you returns are going up, maybe they could be doing even better than they are too.  If they are going up, maybe you could back off the time commitment a little bit and not get burned out.  This is always a priority for most people.  Many people with a landing page will say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  In the words of a fitness icon, “if it could be better, its as good as broken.”  Record your progress, and don’t change things on the fly.  If you can manage this, you will see the return on your work manifest much more.

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