Mistakes That Are Costing You On Your Landing Pages

There are many things that go into creating landing pages, implementing search engine optimization, and running pay-per-click campaigns. One of the biggest problems that I see with ecommerce sites is the relevant company not executing on their landing pages like they should.

Sometimes, the hardest thing about running an online business is being able to step back, consider the entire process and find out where the breakdown is happening, and how to fix it.  If you are going to the trouble of getting your site designed, product developed, and you are paying for clicks to drive people to your website, then you do yourself a disservice by not placing enough importance on your landing pages.  Let’s look at some common landing page mistakes, and make sure that you are not making them.

Not having a clear call to action

This is by far the biggest mistake I see. Details kill the sale. Don’t clutter up your landing page with too much going on. Instead, make it simple and easy for your users to intuitively know where to click in order to get what they want.

Having too much information about your company and not enough about the product

If your landing page is a “getting to know us” page for your company, then you are missing the boat. If I am buying a book on how to get a six pack in 12 weeks, I don’t really care who is selling me the book (no offense!). Just… sell the book!

The one-column format

This one may be up for debate, but in my opinion, most of the research shows that single column landing pages have higher conversion rates. They mean less clutter, less places to look at, and directly shuttle your target audience to the call to action.

Missing the point of the link

If you are an awesome ad copy writer, then you may be getting lots of clicks… but if the people clicking on the link are getting sent to your landing page and that page doesn’t really satisfy what they were expecting based on your ad, then you are just throwing money out the window. You need to satisfy whoever is visiting your site.

Winging it

If you are ignoring the fundamentals of good web design, and figuring since it is “only a landing page” that you are good, then you may want to rethink this. Ensure that you place the call to action above the fold, underline links and don’t otherwise ignore the basic fundamentals of web design simply because it is not your main homepage.

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By Samantha Radisch

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