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There are many things that go into creating landing pages, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click campaigns.  One of the biggest things that I see companies do that are hosting Ecommerce sites is not quite getting their landing pages how they are supposed to be.  This is something that I feel very strongly we need to make sure we run through with you guys, and we want everyone here being successful and making a good return on the investment that you all put into your websites.  Sometimes, the hardest thing about having an online business is being able to look at the entire process and find out where the breakdown is happening, and how to fix it.  If you are going to the trouble to get the site designed, product developed, and you are paying for clicks and to drive people to your website, then you deserve to do some due diligence with your landing pages and makes sure that they are in order.  Lets look at some common mistakes, and make sure that we are not making them.

-Not having a clear call to action:  This is by far the biggest mistake I see.  Details kill the sale.  Don’t clutter up your landing page with too much going on.  Instead, make it simple and easy for your users to intuitively know where to click to get what they already told you they are interested in by clicking on your well-placed link.

-Having too much about your company and not enough about the product:  If your landing site is a “getting to know us” site for your company, then you are missing the boat.  If I am buying a book on how to get a six pack in 12 weeks, I don’t really care who is selling me the book(no offense!).  Just….sell the book!

-Getting away from one-column format: This one may be up for a little bit of debate, but in my opinion, most of the research shows that single column landing pages seem to have higher conversion rates in general.  It is less clutter, less places to look at, and directly shuttles them to the call to action.

-Missing the point of the Link:  If you are guilty of this….shame on you!  If you are an awesome ad-text writer, then you may be getting lots of clicks….but if the people clicking on the link are getting sent to your landing page that really doesn’t have much to do with the ad copy they just clicked on, you are just throwing your money out the window.  You know better!

-Winging it:  If you are ignoring the fundamentals of good web design, and figuring since it is “only a landing page” that you are good, then you may want to rethink this.  Make sure you are keeping the call to action above the fold, underlining links, including social media links, etc.  Don’t ignore the fundamentals of web design simply because it is not your main homepage.

If you take a look at these different no-no’s, then you should have an idea of what to look at first if you want performance to increase.

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