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What kind of website do you have—or have in mind? It will dictate what kind of web hosting package is best for you. There are three primary types of web hosting options: Basic shared hosting, virtual private server/VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. No matter which one you choose, it should offer scalability. If you need more bandwidth, more disk space, or to upgrade or downgrade, you should be able to do so quickly and without exorbitant fees. Transparency and scalability are two features every single web host should offer.

There are many more types of websites and businesses compared to hosting options. Here are some of the most common, and the best web hosting package for them:

  1. Websites for major enterprises: This is for your Targets, Macy’s, Fords, and Amazons. A huge enterprise or corporation absolutely needs dedicated hosting, and they’ll likely have their very own data center to store it. They will also probably have their own permanent, full-time on-site team of system administrators and technicians. You’d better have a few spare billion or million in your account if you think you’re in this category.
  2. Big businesses: You’re not an enterprise and probably aren’t a multi-national company. However, you’re big and might get there one day. Depending on your budget, you could go with either dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. It also depends on what’s on your website. Does it have a lot of financial or other sensitive information? If so, dedicated is the way to go.
  3. “Pretty big” businesses: The vast majority of big businesses, which may be recognizable regionally but not nationally, are the perfect match for VPS hosting. You get all the benefits of dedicated hosting without the sticker shock. Remember that you can always upgrade to dedicated hosting when the time comes—assuming your web host is scalable.
  4. Mid-sized businesses: You’re definitely ideal for VPS hosting. It’s kind of like dedicated hosting, and you’ll get all the control (like root access), speed, and security but of course you won’t be paying the high cost of dedicated hosting.
  5. Small businesses: How small is small? Technically you can probably go with VPS or a basic shared plan, but many web hosts offer them for the same or similar price. If that’s your situation, you may as well go with VPS hosting. If it’s not, you might want to check out a web host that doesn’t have huge price discrepancies between the two!
  6. The low-key blogger: You don’t care about monetizing your blog, getting a lot of followers, or if anyone ever visits your site. You just want a place to post about whatever you like. Choose whichever web hosting option is free or very low cost since uptime and security doesn’t matter.
  7. The wantrepreneur: Unlike the low-key blogger, you’re thinking about a startup, small business, or monetizing a blog. In this case, choose VPS hosting. It should be the same cost as basic, and it offers you a little more oomph to help get the ball rolling.

Does your web host give you these three options? If not, it’s time to start shopping around.

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