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The headlines are non-stop: ABC Corporation has acquired a virtual private server (VPS) host/provider to add even more profits to their expanding pool. One of the most recent acquisitions was Cloud Equity Group picking up Virpus, however there are other acquisitions happening across the board. This shouldn’t be surprising, and if you’re an investor you already know the general rule of thumb: If you see a lot of successful people, investors, or companies following a trend, you’d do well to see how it can benefit you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should start buying VPS hosts yourself. However, it should make you look twice at this form of hosting. For years, the go-to hosting package was basic. That was then, when VPS hosting was only available at a premium price. Now that basic and VPS are on the same cost range, people are taking notice—including investors and corporations. Soon, everyone will demand VPS and basic will eventually go by the wayside. Are you in a position where this can benefit you?

Making the Most of VPS

It really all depends on a number of factors. At the very least, if you have a website (as you surely do), you might want to swap your basic package for VPS. You’ll get better security and speed, and those perks will trickle down to your customers. If you’re part of a corporation’s IT department, you might want to start pitching the idea of switching to VPS to higher ups. It’ll earn you brownie points, establish your expertise in hosting, and who knows what other benefits might accompany that.

Then there’s the option of buying a VPS host yourself. It’s a great way to supplement your income in the form of re-seller hosting. You don’t need much tech savviness (at all), and for many entrepreneurs it’s a “gateway drug” in all the right ways to becoming a successful business owner. The small capital necessary (if any) is another upside. There’s no need to gamble your life savings to test out re-seller VPS hosting. Your biggest challenge will be marketing and promoting the packages, which are pretty simple considering there’s no denying VPS trumps basic.

Making Headlines

Conduct a quick search for VPS acquisitions, and they’re easy to find. However, you probably don’t see them popping up as the headline on your favorite media outlet. There’s nothing shady going on—it’s simply that VPS hosting and the acquisition of it can read as pretty boring unless you’re in the industry. Yes, it’s a great avenue for educating the masses on the benefits of VPS, but there are juicier headlines to chase. If this is something that piques your interest, you may want to follow a host-specific blog.

No matter what your business, career, or interests, knowing what’s happening in the world of hosting can only do you good. Staying abreast of the latest news will keep you on your toes and aware of trends in the industry. Since everyone with a website needs hosting, it’s one market that will just keep growing.

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