They are the simple person's choice. Basic, yet powerful store builder. We like the value and the ease of use. Excellent for basic stores.

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    April 15 2016

User Experience


In terms of user experience, we found Jumpseller to be incredibly easy-to-use. The site has a simple, yet functional interface that is easy to get around in, hence eliminating the need to constantly check out customer support to perform certain tasks (a trait found in 3dCart).

Everything is organized and clear on the website. This makes it simple to create products, variants, add discounts, etc as compared to other complex store builders. Users can also benefit from SEO and Design, promotion and marketing, customer management, inventory management, payment and pricing, and reporting and analysis features.

The site also offers integrations with 11 major companies, among which include EasyPay, Google Analytics, PayPal, Webpay, and Skrill.

Product Options Editor


One of the best examples of Jumpseller’s clear interface is the ‘Product Options Editor’. Unlike other store builders that have a confusing and frustratingly complex product editor (3dCart), Jumpseller has successfully managed to design one that does not sacrifice on functionality, but it also easy-to-understand.

As you can see above, you can add products with variants according to size and color. You also have the ability of customizing the weight, stock, and price of each variant. This proves incredibly useful in creating a product inventory with variants.

Discount Editor


In addition to the easy-to-use product editor, Jumpseller also has other useful touches throughout the app. For instance, when you are editing the Meta description and Meta title of your products in settings, the site automatically shows you a preview of how it will appear on Google’s search engine result page. This is without doubt an incredibly smart and impressive feature.

Product Settings


As mentioned earlier, Jumpseller’s interface is organized and clear. This can even be noticed in the product settings section, where you can even add taxes based on a variety of parameters. These features are hard to find in other site builders. We also rarely had to refer to the support documents in order to figure out how to do something on the website. This is one of the selling points of using Jumpseller.

Features Information

In terms of features, JumpSeller does not exactly awe the users. In fact, according to many reviews, customers felt rather disappointed that the site did not have any email customization, gift cards, third party shipping integration, app store, iOS and Android Apps, and recurring products features. Therefore, the site definitely has to work on this area to make life easier for users building a site.

After all, users will only join a website and pay for its subscription when they have all the features they need in ‘one’ place. If we compare this to Shopify and Weebly, Jumpsellers’ list of features is poor. Moreover, this may work out real bad for the site, as users will cancel their subscriptions and go for a website that offers more features at the same price.

The only features JumpSeller offers include:

    • Discounts & Coupon Codes – Jumpseller has a complete and simple discounts system. You can easily add discounts on products, shipping, etc.


    • Digital Products – Storeowners have the ability of selling digital products, which are emailed to the customer using an authenticated download URL. Unlike other store builders, owners using Jumpseller are not required to entire shipping details for digital products (after all they are sending it digitally, why need an address?).


  • Multi-Lingual – Jumpseller without doubt has one of the best multi-lingual features we have seen in a store builder. The site can easily support for 23 languages also giving you the ability to hand-customize each language in your store through a simple interface. This makes the store incredibly easy-to-use for those users who are fluent in other languages, apart from English.

Jumpseller Ease of Use

Upon using Jumpseller at first, we thought it would be difficult to use the site. However, we were proven wrong and in reality, there is no such issue. In fact, Jumpseller is arguably one of the easiest-to-use site building platforms we have ever come across. It will only take you a few minutes to set up, create products, add discounts, and enter shipping details. As a result, it is rather impossible for any user (regardless of how experienced) to mess up anything when using Jumpseller.


Jumpseller offers you 12 themes to choose from. Of course, this is a limited selection, but most themes are responsive, functional, and fresh. Every theme follows a familiar pattern though with a homepage that has banners followed by featured products then latest products. However, as compared to other site builders, these themes are not bad at all. Below are examples of two of the best themes in our opinion.



Jumpseller also gives users the ability to customize themes from anything shown on your homepage to banners, logos, and colors. Users also have the option of embedding Jumpseller within their current website or creating a custom theme.

Billing Practices and Pricing



In terms of billing practices, Jumpseller was easy to pay for and cancel (an uncommon trait in most site builders that often request users to call or email for a cancellation). Pricing is also good and Jumpseller offers three plans: Plus for $19 per month, Pro for $38 per month, and Premium for $79 per month. Choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

Customer Support

If you find yourself in the need of support, Jumpseller offers a range of helpful solutions. You can easily avail the 24/7 email, chat, or phone customer support.

You can even receive help in the form of tutorials, FAQ’s, and user forums. Best part of all: the average customer support reply time is 7 MINUTES!  (The Industry average is 6 hours 25 minutes). As a result, the site does even better than Shopify and Weebly with this regard.


Overall, Jumpseller may not be the perfect store builder, but it is definitely the best option for those looking for a ‘basic’ platform with impressive translation features.


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