Web Hosting Income Report… of a Digital Nomad

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Digital Nomad Hosting

Antigua Guatemala Digital Nomad Hosting

So we are several days into August and I am happy to announce that Hostt has been showing a profit for over 45 days now.

Our sales also trended upwards in July’s 30 day period than the previous 30 day period. (June 15-July 15).

The traffic has been steady and held at about 10,500 visitors per month.

Let’s take a look at July’s numbers and see how we are planning for August 2016 to be even better.

Hostt analytics report - July 2016

Hostt analytics report – July 2016

As you can see, we are averaging about 350 visitors a day.

We have been steady at this rate for about 2 months now and have hired a trusted SEO firm to improve our traffic.

Getting our SEO back to speed.

Once the site went profitable on June 16th, we knew we were going to reinvest some of the profits back into a professional SEO campaign.

No more Mickey Mousing with and Google. I learned the hard way that it can seriously impact your traffic.

Al over at started working with us on July 25 and charges us a fair fee of $800/month to increase our content marketing efforts and make our site much more Google friendly.



He is currently ranked #3 in the world for the keyword “SEO EXPERT”.

Kinda says alot about his work ethic and his knowledge…and yeah, in case you are wondering…


This guy is obviously a ninja. Funny thing is…he is not new on the scene.

Al is an established ninja.

I first found Al when I searched for “SEO EXPERT” back in 2012, while first thinking of launching an online business.

Back then $800/month was a bit too much to spend for my venture. But I remembered the guy…

Fast forward almost 4 years and..

He is still at the top of that keyword!

It’s simply stunning to see that Al and the team can hold that position for such a long time.

Obviously, he knows how to target keywords with Google’s ever-changing Hummingbird algorithm.

Bam! We got a real expert doing our SEO again. Problem solved. Traffic should increase steadily over the next several months.

Conversion Rate

We are currently hovering at a 1.6% conversion rate with our HostGator affiliate program.

What does that mean?

If 100 people click on our link and see the options available for hosting packages, 1.6 people end up making a purchase and generating a commission for

Take a look below at our Web Hosting Income Report

Hostt Affiliate Report - July 2016

Hostt Affiliate Report – July 2016

Our lovely web hosting income program gets paid at $100 per sale from sale #1-20.

After sale #21, we get paid $125 on ALL sales.

We barely missed hitting the $125 bonus this month!

We were 2 sales short…but it’s keeping us hungry!

Hunger is a good thing in business. Keeps the focus and the mentality fresh to chase, hunt and nail the goal.

Getting better for next month.

After reviewing the site’s performance, it’s clear that a baseline of converting traffic at about 1.6% can allow us to forecast profitability with some accuracy.

We are forecasting the rest of the 2016 traffic + income to look like this:

Hostt 2016 traffic and income forecast

Hostt 2016 traffic and income forecast

Stay tuned for next mid-month Web Hosting Income Report to track how we are coming along on our quest for 21 sales.

We actually have the target set at just 15 sales so as to keep the momentum going…but secretly, 21 sales is our goal-goal.

Gotta love how the mind works!



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