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Ok, after talking about the best way to research keywords and some good things to look for in data centers, I think we should take a look at some specific things we can do to help make some better money in our PPC efforts.  I have been around long enough(actually, it doesn’t take that long) to know that a great Ad Text is probably one of the biggest keys to success in your marketing efforts.  There are obviously many different things that make up success in this arena, but writing an ad text that does exactly what you want it to do is perhaps one of the most important.  We have a pretty good list here of some things you want to look at when writing an Ad Copy for your online business. Answer these questions before you start writing.

1. If you have an ad group, are the keywords from it incorporated into your ad text?

2. What message are you trying to get across to Google’rs?

3. What makes your company different from your competitors? What do you have that they do not?  Inversely, what do they do that you do not?

4. What is the current promotion at your company? What is on sale?

5. What would it take to get you to click on an ad?

6. Is the product or business you are selling in line with your keyword bids?

7. Why would someone buy something from you?

Take a good hard look at the answers to these questions.  Often we try and answer these questions as to how we WANT the answers to be, not what they actually are.  Be honest with yourself.  Now, start writing an Ad Copy.  It does not have to be a final product, just get something on paper. After you are done writing your Ad Text, take a look at the questions we have next, and see how many of them you can honestly answer well.

1. Does it grab your attention?

2. Does it have your keywords in it that you are bidding on?

3. Is it different that your competitors?

4. Is it limited in description?

5. What is the call to action?

6. Is it going to answer the question the searcher just typed in?

This should point you in a safe direction for your ad copy. I cannot urge you enough to make sure that you try out something until it works.  Don’t be afraid to tweak things just a little bit here and there. It is not going to hurt anything.  Also, do not slack on this.  If you are paying someone overseas very little money to write your ad text, don’t fool yourself into thinking that they are doing a fantastic job.

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