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There are a lot of things to consider when you have a business, and in my opinion, even more to consider when you have an online business.  One of these things we have talked about quite a bit, and that is typically related to PPC or SEO.  Another important aspect of being an online business owner is knowing that you need to make sure you are online all the time, no matter what.  While there are many things to consider, how your business comes off as a brand is a big deal.  You may not think that social media marketing is something that deserves a lot of concern, but you would change your tune pretty quick if we started talking about some of the companies that started on social media and are now huge only because of….you guessed it.  Social Media.  So lets take a look at some things that you should make sure you are doing with your social media accounts.

The first thing that needs to happen is that you are interacting with your fans and customers.  No, not the canned response, fake person interaction.  I am talking about actually reaching out and making a personal connection with someone, or at least commenting on something that is personal to them.  For example, my wife has always been a somewhat hit or miss fan of Dateline NBC.  The other day on twitter, she ended up posting how she couldn’t wait until Friday for the next episode of Dateline to come on.  Lo and behold, whoever was manning the station at NBC that day ended up tweeting back at her personally.  If you are the person behind the keyboard with your company, you may see this as silly or perhaps even a little lame.  From my point of view?  I doubt she will ever miss an episode of Dateline as long as she lives.

Another thing that is imperative that you make sure that you are doing online is responding in a professional manner to both constructive criticism and negative feedback.  There will always be trolls on the internet, but if you can make sure that everyone is treated with respect from your company, even if you feel they do not deserve it, it will show for everyone.  What a better idea may be is to use a negative feedback or a criticism as a chance to PUBLICLY demonstrate your astoundingly good customer service at your company.  This typically shuts every mouth and also earns you quite a few more customers.

Last, if you are letting anybody in your company or in a department take the helm of your social media site, it is time to tighten up the reigns a little bit.  Make sure you are vetting and being supervisors to your social media guys that you are hiring.  Don’t let them run amok. If you don’t know how well qualified someone is, then don’t put them behind the part of your branding that the most people on planet earth will see.

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