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O.K., so we have had plenty of time to look at specialized website hosting ideas, why price wars suck, and other ideas like what to look for in hosting providers, etc.  This time around, I want to take a little different route on something that many of you people trying to make money online are overlooking.  Yep, that is right, you guessed it.  Youtube.  What is it about Facebook, Instagram, and half a dozen other social networks that will let people post pictures of themselves, an entire generation of kids that have invented words like “selfie” and “snap,” yet we have all of these people trying desperately to make money online and are terrified to get into the video marketing world?  Don’t get me wrong, Youtube is not always a traditional medium for video marketing, but at the same time, it definitely is.  While there are many drawbacks to getting on Youtube, there are many more pros to the idea.

While many Youtube channels are not there simply to make money off of being a Youtube partner, there are many that do this very well.  Obviously, in 2015 there are many of us that watch Youtube and have favorite channels that may have enormous subscriber bases.  There are others that started a Youtube channel, and grew so fast in popularity that they ended up getting picked up for other jobs by bigger companies.  A good example of this would the the popular gun channel Colion Noir, who subsequently gained popularity so fast he is now an NRA representative.

There are a few things that set the Youtube channels that are successful from the ones that are unsuccessful.  There are obviously some very similar commonalities between Youtubing and blogging.  One of the biggest ones is that the people that gain subscribership and views the quickest and longest all seem to regularly post content.  Going back to the gun and outdoors Youtube world, there was a gentleman that happened to accidentally shoot himself in the leg while videoing.  This was a viral classic, and got millions of views.  If you are to go look at the guys’ channel though, you will see he doesn’t garner many views on his other videos, and one of the reasons is because of frequency.

Another big reason we see a discrepancy between the big channels and the wannabes is quality.  That does not always mean that you have it magically edited to look like an FX original series.  This may mean that you have quality content.  This may be because you are  an expert in your field and are addressing subjects that are both interesting and that you have credibility with, or because you have a very visually stimulating product.

The last thing I will mention is that if you want your business to take off quicker, get to considering a Youtube channel.  It will help you connect with your clients more, and at least with your Channel, you won’t have to worry about where your data center is!

Image Credit: Flickr – Kherwin Cheng Chua

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