How I became a Digital Nomad

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Rio Dulce Guatemala Digital Nomad

Rio Dulce Guatemala Digital Nomad

So how the hell did I even get on this “digital nomad” kick?

Hmmm…here’s how I became a digital nomad.

I have always fantasized of traveling the world with just a laptop and being that person who was well traveled and “super interesting” to talk with.

Drank French wines in Burgundy? Done.

Ate guacamole made by the best Oaxacan Mexican cooks street-side? Yup.

Checked out the freshest seafood in Tokyo’s Tsukiji market at 4am?…You bet!

I did some traveling this past year and always found that I was happier during the trip than in my home of Miami Beach.

How can that possibly be? I freakin live in South Beach?!

I already live in a place that most people pay $300-$500/night for…

Was I crazy?


I was unfulfilled. (Wow, that one just hit me)

The summer heat and humidity make it very difficult for me to enjoy living in Miami.

Sure it’s a fun place, but the summer is just too much.

So February 12, 2016 at around 11pm I decided it was time to travel…and possibly…leave.

I had some work to do in order to get the digital nomad thing to work with this whole travel thing.

I didn’t have an online business that was profitable.

I had to find an online business and make it profitable.

Then I would go.

I searched for an online business to buy for the next couple weeks.

After seeing an ad for being up for sale, I made an offer and after some negotiation on the phone, I cut a deal with the seller.

I probably paid too much, but I saw the value. had a massive backlink profile and was ranked in #1-4 with some tough-ass keywords in the hosting niche.

The keywords generated some good traffic.

Altogether, the traffic was hovering around 500 people a day. It had great site time and the seller had done alot of the heavy lifting to get the site ranked and setup.




Hostt Analytics Feb 2016

Hostt Analytics Feb 2016

After looking at the time and effort that it would take to organically grow a new site from scratch, I decided to skip the heavy lifting and shortcut the “startup phase” of a new site.

After investing $60,000 in the site, most people would think I overpaid by alot.

I saw it as a good deal because of the following “already established” pieces of the puzzle.

Why I bought

Why I bought

It was a leap of faith in my ability to discover hidden profit potential.

If there is one thing I believe in, its my ability to hunt down the hidden value in things.

I wired the money.

Hostt was acquired Feb 27, 2016.

The first weeks

Initially, I was overwhelmed with stabilizing the site and completing the transfer.

My plan looked like this.

Acquisition of Hostt and Profitability Plan

Acquisition of Hostt and Profitability Plan

The plan was originally a “2 months and it should profit” outlook.

It ended up being a 4 month turn-around.

Finally on June 16th, 2016, we converted our first affiliate sale on

After making sure that the site made some steady profit for a week or two, I booked my ticket and was headed somewhere with excellent weather.

My house was for sale. My boat and other toys had been sold off in June and I was left with a bag of travel gear and an e-ticket.

My trip to Guatemala started on July 7th. 

Been here a month now…loving it.

How I became a Digital Nomad -my workspace in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

How I became a Digital Nomad -my workspace in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala



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