How Rank #1 Google with FREE WEB HOSTING Part 2

So just how the heck did we get Hostt to Rank #1 Google with FREE WEB HOSTING keywords in such a short amount of time?

It’s simple, not easy to rank for FREE WEB HOSTING.

In the last post, we covered the main 3 things that we focused on to “get us in good” with Google’s algorithms.

  1. You produce great content.

  2. Other popular sites link to your great content and give you authority.

  3. You allow Google to read your content and index it with ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION.

Remember, Google wants a great user experience for the searcher so…in order to do that…you need relevant content.

And you need proof that it is great relevant content. You get that with authoritative sites back-linking and mentioning your content.

FORBES magazine will only mention you if you deliver the goods. Once Forbes linked to our FREE WEB HOSTING content, we were on our way…

Our average traffic has doubled this last year and we have seen it as high as 1000 sessions per day back in Spring of 2016.

So how do you produce enough content to keep Google bumping you higher in the rankings?

Easy, not simple.

A  couple steps we did…

  1. Create a Content Map. We use mindmaps to visualize the content pieces we can create.
  2. Broke the General Topic into Subtopics and then Niche Topics. (HOSTING>FREE WEB HOSTING>FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING)
  3. Committed to a weekly schedule of publishing content. (We try to publish 1-2 pieces of content per week)
  4. Have Google crawl our site immediately after publishing. (Often overlooked trick to immediately gain a boost)


Once you build the content map…you can easily create a post about a  relevant topic. The Content Map above is about Branding and Marketing.

You can create atleast 20 articles from the ideas that have spawned in the content map above.

Once you have those ideas, create the piece of content as a post and voila…you are ready to publish and have Google crawl your site.

Below is the Google Webmaster Search Console. On the left is the crawl button. Click it and let google crawl the new page you have just published.



Once you have some pieces of content published on your site, you can start with the second part of the equation, which is to promote and spread the content.

Once we created enough FREE WEB HOSTING content, we spread it to all the major media outlets we could find.

It helped that we knew certain people who could assist with getting the publicity from these sites. We helped them by guest posting an article on their site, and they in return mentioned our site (and gave us a link back).

This is the 2016 standard for quickly building reputable backlinks. It is called “guest posting”.

Neil Patel, from Crazy Egg is my favorite guru when it comes to finding out about guest posting hacks…he is a master and truly a pioneer of the practice.

In the next part, we will cover getting the content you write to spread and gain momentum. This will ultimately lead you to better backlinks for Google to improve your rankings.

Time to start writing some good content! 🙂


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