How Rank #1 Google with FREE WEBSITE HOSTING

So just how the heck did we get Hostt to Rank #1 Google with FREE WEBSITE HOSTING keywords in such a short amount of time?

It’s simple, not easy.

The best way to explain the process is to list the items needed to have Google validate that you belong at the top of the rankings for certain keywords.

Our keywords focus on FREE HOSTING and variations thereof.

We wanted to become a major player in the organic rankings of similar keywords…so…

We focused on the following things:

  1. Blog Content – We currently have over 600 articles on subjects related to tech and free website hosting .

  2. Backlinks – We have an incredible portfolio of backlinks from major established sites such as Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, etc.

  3. On-Page SEO – We have used Yoast SEO to optimize our pages so that Google can easily understand what our hosting-related content is about.

    Our traffic has been organically growing for the last 18 months and has had it’s shares of ups and downs but overall, its kept an upward trend.

Rank #1 Google Analytics

Rank #1 Google Analytics

We have gone from less than 200  FREE WEBSITE HOSTING sessions per day in June 2015, to more than 500 sessions per day in June 2016.

Our average traffic has doubled this last year and we have seen it as high as 1000 sessions per day back in Spring of 2016.

What have been our mistakes so far:

  1. Having lower user site time because of broken links. (Hurt us alot)

  2. Having a high bounce rate on the FREE WEBSITE HOSTING homepage. (This one also dropped our traffic)

    When creating a site that will rank #1 Google, it’s very easy to keep the eyes forward on new, new, new. New content, new ideas and obviously, new pages can all be great but what we found was that as time passed, links and “things” just happened to create 404 or 301 pages that took a serious effect on our Google Analytics.

In example: We made some changes to a page, a link broke, and we never bothered to check it.

Grrrrrr…boy, does that suck.

Case in point…check your links.

We use WP Link Checker.



So now that you have a general idea of what 3 things we focused on and how a couple of major mistakes impacted our rankings, we can continue to look at what we did to create a very tasty offering for the SERPS to offer Rank #1 Google  for anything “FREE HOSTING” related.

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