4 Things Web Hosts Should Offer

Having a host who “only” offers hosting is like going to a restaurant that only serves one dish — and a bland one at that. A good web host should have a variety of offerings to make one stop shopping as easy as possible. However, perspective customers should still look around. Just because a company… Continue reading 4 Things Web Hosts Should Offer

What is Green Hosting?

These days everyone wants to be green, most probably including your host. In fact, “green hosting” is critical for many clients wanting more sustainability from the company hosting their website and content. A truly green web server works continuously to lower energy consumption. There are many ways to do this, starting with the data center… Continue reading What is Green Hosting?

5 Host Features To Be Wary Of

You’re often told what you need form a web host, but what about things you could really do without? Some shady web host companies prey on the fact that a lot of consumers don’t really know what they’re looking for. So how can you tell the difference between jargon and mumbo jumbo, and figure out… Continue reading 5 Host Features To Be Wary Of

The Real Cost of Web Hosting

As a savvy business/website owner, you’re always looking out for the best deals and ways to save. That’s a smart move, but at what cost? It’s very tempting when you see all those ads for free web hosting to just sign up and never think about it again. After all, isn’t all web hosting the… Continue reading The Real Cost of Web Hosting