Welcome to our October 2016  FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING Monthly Income Report for

A Brief Recap.

  1. 4.5 months of profitability. Our profitability is now an established trend.

  2. Increased site metrics in 4 out of  the last 5 months. (Exception: July 2016)

  3. Time Spent on Site:  3-4 hours per month. (Blogging and Reviewing Metrics)

    How we did in October…

Traffic – Sept: 10304 October: 10489 Change %: 1.8%+

October Metrics Free WordPress Hosting Site

October Metrics Free WordPress Hosting Site

Clicks – Sept: 1361 October: 1462 Change: 7%+

Conversions –  Sept: 25 October: 28 Change: 10.8%+

Profit – Sept: $3125 October: $3500 Change: 10.8%+



September Metrics FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING site

September Metrics FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING site

In case you are wondering, the profit on the dashboard only reflects the $100 payout per sale. Once crossing the 21 sale mark, the bonus kicks in for an additional $25 per sale. The total paid per sale is $125 for all sales that “bonus qualifying” month.

Basically, it becomes simple math once the $25 bonus kicks in…28 sales X $125 = $3500.

We like simple math. You should too, especially when it amounts to building a nice passive income 🙂

Speaking about passive income, I like the site’s progress since our first profitable day, June 15th, 2016.

Hostt’s growth has been slow and steady and very sustainable.

We have been seeking a steady, incremental growth curve with Hostt’s monetization from the beginning.

Auto Pilot while being Low Maintenance

Our other goal for Hostt was to create a passive income source from the site.

We achieved that by creating a FREEMIUM model of hosting.

Additionally, our site converts free hosting accounts to paid hosting accounts, once free users find that a need for faster, better hosting applies to their site.

This usually happens when users complete their site development and are ready for traffic.

Our user’s websites eventually get higher traffic and that develops a need for better hosting packages.

Hosting Explained Simply

Hosting Explained Simply

We see most of our conversions from people who initially arrive at Hostt for a free hosting package and quickly notice that for a couple dollars a month, they can get a good discount on premium hosting from our affiliate partner,


Year-End Goal Tracker for Hostt

So where are we, 60 days from our goals for the end of 2016?

Let’s take a look at what we set as milestones for Dec 31, 2016. 2016 Goals 2016 Goals

We are actually behind on the 2 key metrics that we identified.

Traffic and Conversions. Argghhh…

Our traffic is wayyyyy down from where it needs to be. Discussion with our SEO guy Al Gomez to be had this week.

Our conversions and sales are just 15% behind pace for the month of October. We forecasted 32 and we have 28 this month. Our profit is also 15% behind schedule.

As always, we seek to modify, adjust and correct.

So…what are we doing for the next FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING Monthly Income Report.

What we are doing for for month November.

November 2016 Free Hosting

November 2016 Free Hosting

  1. Going to figure out the low traffic situation with Al Gomez and his SEO team.
  2. Going to explore different affiliate payout opportunities with

In conclusion, our month of October started strong and then tapered off a bit to land us ahead of last month.

We are excited about the growth, yet are focused on staying on the forecasted path to meet our year-end goals on the 3 key metrics of traffic, clicks, conversions.

I will update the blog a bit better this month so that we follow the pulse of Hostt in the final 60 days of 2016 and our quest for meeting the goals we set forth in July 2016.

As for me, personally…I am still in Guatemala and working on a project out here that has consumed the majority of my waking hours. (hence the 2x monthly posting schedule)

Thankfully, has become a very very passive income stream and has actually impressed us on how resilient it has been this past month, when I have been mostly focused elsewhere.

Momentum Hosting

Momentum Hosting




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