If you are starting a website or are curious about what “hosting” is…you found the article to get educated, quickly.

In just 4-5 minutes, you will have a solid understanding of what WEBSITE HOSTING OPTIONS there are for you.

You want a website…you’ll need a host.

What’s in this free web hosting tutorial

This tutorial has several sections:

  1. So — What is free web hosting
  2. Different kinds of free web hosting
  3. Dude, what is a domain name?
  4. Domain names and registering them.
  5. TLD,  Bandwidth and FTP
  6. Choosing a free web hosting company and plan.

Section #1: So…What is web hosting?

People “keep” their websites in web hosts. Web hosts provide a place for your site to live. If you are lucky, it’s free space.

Visualize yourself renting an accommodation to keep all of your personal valuables and documents…

Similarly, a web host is a space for your website to live in. It stores all the files, pictures, videos etc for the world to easily access them.

Free Web Hosting is a free space for your site. It’s 100% free so your site can start, grow and gain traffic.

Once this is done, your needs will probably change and you will more than likely want to get a paid hosting option which allows for many more features.

Your new website will live on a server, which is a larger computer that is always connected to the internet.

It allows for many people to see your site and handle the actions taken on your site. (Videos, shopping, reading, etc)

These servers are housed in your web host’s data center.

*Data Center: Place where the servers that store websites are housed. These facilities are usually very clean, organized and have temperature controls, security and are always monitored to provide your website a solid hosting experience. 

Section #2: Types of Web Hosting

Kinds of Web Hosting Hosting

Kinds of Web Hosting Hosting

As of June 2016, the typical kinds of web hosting are: Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud hosting and Dedicated Servers.

All of the above will store your website and allow the world to access it. The difference is in the storage, technical knowledge needed, speed, and reliability of the service.

Like most things in life…you can either fly economy, business class or first class.


Shared Hosting – Explained.

When you sign up for shared hosting, you share a server with hundreds of other websites. Shared hosting is like being in a dorm room with 100 other beds. You get to have a little space to yourself, but you must share resources and not much will be private.

All the shared hosting sites share the server resources like: RAM and the CPU. Since the cost of this option is the lowest, it also is the option that most people prefer when starting a site.



There is no root access, which allows you to customize the server performance. Also, you may not be able to handle traffic spikes. (Crashing your site). You may experience poor performance. (Slow load times and lagging response). These factors tend to lose site viewership and traffic.

Our recommended shared hosting providers: Hostgator

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting


What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is like a roommate situation. You pay for your side of the server and it is yours. You get root access and your site is much more secure and private.  This option is ideal for sites that want a little more control over their site and prefer more privacy and less volatility than being in a shared hosting environment.


FREE WEB HOSTING -VPS — is like a roommate situation. Defined space and much less volatility.


Limits on the traffic that can view your site, as you are still sharing resources. You may experience instability if any of your other “roommates” decides to have a party and bring tons of traffic to the server. This will affect your page load speeds and performance. This might be a happy medium for your growing site. Plans for VPS start at around $10 and can go up to $50-100 depending on traffic needs and resources like RAM and CPU usage. Hostt is on a Managed VPS plan.

Our current June 2016 SSD-2 plan looks like this:

VPS hosting options

VPS hosting options

Our recommended VPS host: GreenGeeks

Dedicated Server Hosting


What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated Server Visual

Dedicated Server — Visual of having your own space

Dedicated Server is like renting your own luxury apartment. Your site is the only one on the server and you have full control over everything and the performance of the server. FREE WEBSITE HOSTING OPTIONS will not offer this expensive and customizable option.


This is obviously the most expensive option as it gives you full control over the resources of the server. This is like flying first class and the perks that come with it cost money. Usually, this is reserved for those sites that absolutely require top level performance.

Our recommended Dedicated Hosting Provider: HostGator (they offer us a 50% off discount) and the service is world class….why not go with them?!

Cloud Hosting

Web hosting - Cloud Server

Web hosting – Cloud Server Visual


What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is like flex space…it can handle changes in your traffic. A group of servers work together to balance out the needs of all the sites on the servers. They can handle traffic spikes, and allow for all the sites to remain relatively stable. It is like renting an apartment that can get bigger or smaller with your needs. Generally, FREE WEBSITE HOSTING OPTIONS will not offer Cloud Hosting.


Usually cloud hosting does not allow for root access. Root access allows you to change server settings and tweak the performance of the site.

Our recommended Cloud Hosting Provider: WE DONT HAVE ONE, YET.

Section #3: So what’s a domain name?


Web hosting – Domain Name

A domain is simply the name that your website uses. It is like the address hanging on your house. People know to look for 820 Main Street, Chicago, IL on the map. Without an address (your domain) your site will not be found. Domains are cheap and can be bought for around $10 or less.

Our domain is 

Another domain is

We will cover the “endings” of a domain’s address in the next section.

We will explain .com, .net, .gov, etc,

In order to get a domain, you can buy one from a registrar.

Google: Buy a domain

We recommend: (Anyone will do, but these guys hold our domain…and they haven’t messed up– which is rare)

Section  #4: Domain Name Registering

  1. Create the name for your website.
  2. Search for a domain’s availability by going to Google and searching: domain availability
  3. Purchase the domain and the registrar will register it for you automatically.
  4. Finally, log in to your registrar (who registered your domain) and point the DNS to your web hosting. You can call them to guide you through this.
  5. You should already have a couple of FREE WEBSITE HOSTING OPTIONS to choose from.

Section #5: TLDs, Bandwidth, FTP

What is Top Level Domains (TLD)?

When searching a site, the final part of its address is the TLD., and are all websites that use different TLDs.

Examples of other TLD include .uk, .ws,,, .tv, .edu, .co,, and .mobi.

What is hosting bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the measure of data that be pulled or sent to your site in any specific amount of time. It’s the back and forth of data between your site and the viewers.

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

FTP is a form of transferring files from one computer to another, via the internet. Usually this is done via programs called clients.

If you are just starting out, this is probably a bit too techy for you to learn…but it’s good to understand what it is.

Section #6: How to Choose the Right Hosting

Hosting choosing

Hosting choosing

The good thing about 2016 is that today, there are dozens of reputable web hosts that are aggressively competing to get your business.

With all of this competition, they have all maintained a extremely high level of performance and reliability. In other words: They are all very similar in quality for the money you will be paying.

Comparing them beyond a couple minutes here and there is an absolute waste of time, in our opinion. AND WE ARE A WEB HOST. 🙂

It’s like flying an airline based on price. Unless you are a super loyal fan of one airline, it makes sense to price shop and just fly the one that has the cheapest fare.

FREE WEBSITE HOSTING OPTIONS are very similar in June of 2016….like airlines, web hosts are all pretty much very close in terms of price/quality/reliability.

If you go with the big 10 companies, you will not be disappointed unless you come in with unreal expectations.

A $4/ month hosting plan is entry-level and suitable for someone growing their traffic from ZERO to a couple hundred “light visits” per day.

A $10/ month plan is more suitable for someone with a little more traffic and/or use on their site. Videos, downloads, shopping cart, etc.

An established site will need heavier hosting and will more than likely require VPS, Cloud or Dedicated hosting.

My absolute final test for figuring out the best FREE WEBSITE HOSTING OPTIONS in 2016:

Call the customer service and see how fast they pick up the phone and how friendly they are.

Our 2 favorites for customer service are GoDaddy and HostGator. They happened to be owned by the same company.

I would shop around for discount codes and choose the one with the best pricing…

If you still want free hosting, click here to sign up on our free platform.

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