Free hosting is a tool where companies offer a free place for you to host your website, often in exchange for advertising. The savvy business owner can use this tool to grow their business with out a huge financial investment.

Though many people write off free hosting for personal blogs, using it correctly can help you boost your business in creative, budget friendly ways.

You just need to get creative with how you use free hosting. Creative, with a healthy dose of caution.

The problem free hosting is that you don’t completely own or control the content you put in there, so you have to be strategic with your posts. You also need to keep a backup of your work, just in case. Once you have chosen a good free host like Hostt, gotten acquainted with the rules and terms of service, you can begin to use that service to help grow your business.

Let’s take a look at a few tactics you can use.

Tap into the free hosting fan base to drive loyal customers to your main page.

Some free hosting services, like Worpress, Joomla, Blogger and Quora, are blogging platforms with built in communities. Just like social media, you can start contributing content, then tap into the existing community by liking, following, and commenting on other people’s blogs. Many will reciprocate.

Building a huge following on these platforms can save you a lot of money on advertising and marketing, plus you get the added benefit of creating your own targeted audience that can be highly engaged.

Experiment with branching out.

If you have ever had a great idea but don’t have the money to promote properly, try using a free hosting service to see if it will fly.

Branching out into new products or services can be tricky – you can easily spread yourself too thin or risk confusing your current customer base. A free hosting service can help you test ideas without diluting your brand. You can also see if you are ready to branch out or not.

Putting extra time into marketing a new project may cost you time, but it won’t break the bank.

Creating backlinks.

This is a strategy that must be approached with a high level of care. Done incorrectly, you can end up getting slammed by Google. Done correctly, you can build quality, useful backlinks.

Here’s what you do:

1. Write a high-quality blog post on your main site.

2. Write a different, but still high-quality blog post on your free site that complements your post.

3. Link back to your main site’s related post from your free hosting site.

There are a few elements to keep in mind. Never copy and paste content from one site to another. This is called duplicate content, and it can really hurt your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Do not write a promotional (spammy) post on your free host. The free host may take down the post, or worse, delete the entire blog. When you deliver quality content, be sure it is unique on both sites and actually useful to the reader.

Get creative!

Now that your wheels are turning, think about the different ways you can utilize free hosting. Online business card? Reputation management? Building a web presence across different platforms? Giving your business a more intimate, less corporate image?

Free hosting is very simple to set up, so another benefit is saving time in addition to money!

Now sit down, and brainstorm other ways your business can use free hosting to boost yourself. You can also do a search within free hosts such as Blogger, or Squidoo and watch how the competition is using these free hosts! You may be surprised at how well they are doing.

Try it out, and see where free hosting sites can take you.



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