So when does a free host make sense for a website?

In our opinion as a free web host, there is only one reason for choosing a free web host over a paid web host.

We will cover that in a bit, but first, we want to showcase the benefits and downsides to hosting your site with a free host.



As you can see in the graphic above, for the mere price of a beer in most countries, your site gets an instant upgrade with speed, security and stability.

If you are not able to afford $3 per month, then free hosting is the perfect way to start building a site.

However, once your goals start to switch to gaining traffic, the choice to host with a paid plan becomes much more appealing.


So why would a free hosting plan not work well for a site with the goal of attracting traffic?

A free hosting plan creates zero revenue for a web hosting company.

Consider it a gesture of goodwill and marketing. They help you for free now with an idea that down the road, you might be a paying customer.

They offer free hosting in order to help grow your business so that in the future, as your site needs grow, your hosting plan will switch into a paid plan.

As your site develops, you will need more traffic capacity and more stable web hosting. They plan of being your trusted provider when you plan on upgrading.

Sounds normal, right?

KEY POINT: When your site starts to focus on building traffic, it is time to get an adequate plan that can handle people clicking around, watching videos and buying stuff.

Free hosting plans will allow you to get started for nothing, but they have a limit on how much “hosting infrastructure”  the web hosting company can dedicate to your free plan.

Remember, with a free host plan,  you will be sharing a server with 1000’s of other free sites and if your other ” server roommates” are using alot of CPU or RAM, this will slow your site down considerably.

Moreover, Google will track your site user’s experience and if they find that people are leaving your site quickly due to a poor site experience (slow loading pages, videos that don’t start quickly, text that is scrambled on the page)

your site will get penalized. Once penalized, your site’s  SEO  becomes much more difficult to improve.

Think of it like this:



So the real question is: Are your efforts to build a site that people will want to visit worth $3 per month?

If the “road” from Google to your site is slow and filled with problems, will that turn away your users?

Will Google penalize you for not creating a good site experience by noticing that users bounce away quickly?

Think of your browsing experience…what do you do when a site loads very slowly?

For $3/month, you can offer a user experience that will get you started in the right direction.

Conclusively, free hosting is cool to start and build a site, but the moment that getting traffic becomes a goal, your site will benefit from choosing a nice clean road for your traffic to access your site.



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