Flores, Peten, Guatemala. Digital Nomad Post.

How to be a Digital Nomad

So here I am on an island in the middle of Northern Guatemala exploring digital “nomadcy” for the last 3 weeks.

Flores Guatemala - Digital Nomad

Flores Guatemala – Digital Nomad

The Wifi is strong, the hostels are fun and the food is surprisingly vegetarian-friendly. Loving it so far…

So, about the nomadcy…

Well, its coming along.

I have written about 4 articles while on the road in the last 3 weeks and although, I have slacked a bit, I am finding my writing rhythm.

I have tracked the progress of Hostt from Central America and have contracted an SEO company to take over the optimization duties of the site. I am going to focus on pumping out content since we are now profitable and looking to grow our Google presence.

Our profitabilty has come from affiliate marketing with HostGator.

The program is quite simple. They pay per conversion into one of their web hosting packages.

Here is the program rundown.

HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator Affiliate Program

Pretty straight-forward…you help convert your viewers into paying customers and they give you a nice commission.

So how do you help create a good space for helping others choose a web hosting package (or any other service) from your affiliate sponsor?

Create content that delivers high quality information (the more niche, the better) in a concise, clear manner.

Promote that content throughout social media networks that are looking for your type of information and engage with the readers of the content to build your “tribe”.

The basic rule is to CREATE TRUST.

Write content that is attractive and people will subscribe.

It may take some time but authentic content that helps others will always draw a crowd.

Once that crowd becomes accustomed to getting your dose of information, they gain trust in your site.

Trust is something that helps create a good space for checking out your affiliate offerings.

If you would like to see my affiliate offering, check it out here. 

It is pretty straight forward as well. offers free hosting to get you started.

Free hosting helps someone build their site and not worry about the financial burden of a hosting fee each month.

This type of model is also known as FREEMIUM.

We give you a valuable service for FREE.

If you need better service once you desire to get traffic going, we aim for providing you with HostGator’s world-class product for a price that simply is UNBEATABLE.

We offer the best hardware at the best price. It also helps that HostGator is part of the world’s largest web hosting company, EIG.

Because of it’s size, the pricing scales out beautifully for the web hosting customer.

Most web hosts offer “premium hosting for $5-7 dollars per month.

We offer the same premium hosting upgrade for $2.78/month.

Hostgator Web Hosting Prices

Hostgator Web Hosting Prices

With this pricing, our target market is the emerging third world.

They have millions of websites popping up everyday.

Remember that the third world is about 10 years behind the US and Europe, in terms of internet connectivity.

We like to think of it as being a webhost back in 2006 for US-based business.

Hint: (U.S Web hosting exploded from 2006-2015 as social media expanded the creation of blogs, and shopping stores)

We may have “missed” the U.S web boom that took place in those years…

But we certainly are planning on being part of the website boom currently going on in the 3rd World.

The third world certainly needs FREE HOSTING options to help them establish their site. It saves them money and allows them to grow their site at their pace.

When FREE HOSTING is no longer an option for them due to traffic limitations and bandwidth needs, we would love to transition them into a premium plan, in order to create a better experience for all of their users.

Free Web Hosting FREEMIUM

Free Web Hosting FREEMIUM

We create the TRUST with our FREE HOSTING PLANS.

They use our FREE HOSTING for a month or two and sometimes for even a year.

At that point, they are looking to upgrade because they are getting traffic and need to provide a fast page-loading experience.

When you have a basic hosting package, too much traffic can slow your site down and create a terrible page-loading experience for your users.

Basic hosting = Bad Loading Experience = People never coming back to your site.

Not good.

With this FREEMIUM model we can offer someone a free hosting package, allow them to build their site for FREE and then when they launch and gain traffic, we can help them invest in a quality hosting package that will allow their users to have a great user experience.

All this for $2.78 a month.

Everyone wins. I can become a digital nomad.

So now that I have explained the business model, we will be looking at the profitability of being an affiliate for HostGator.

So far, in summer of 2016, we just cracked the profitability Rubix Cube.

Hosting Profitability Rubix Cube

Hosting Profitability Rubix Cube

The first puzzle was stabilizing the after changing the model. I had to do this before traveling and becoming a digital nomad.

We had to introduce a complete redesign in order to shift the model from the unprofitable model it was before we took it over in March 2016.

This involved a learning curve which resulted in Google penalizing us for “tinkering” with certain pages and the user experience.

The process of shifting business models took about 2 months of brainstorming.

We figured the best way to create a sustainable model that engaged our users while being profitable was to become a FREEMIUM affiliate site.

Our new model allowed users to get free hosting. (The original intent of the site)

And it allowed us to partner with the largest web hosting company in the world in order to provide world-class upgrade packages.

Win- Win.

Our first month of profitability looked like this. We started the experiment on June 15th, 2016. I was still in Miami Beach, my home base.

The very next day, we received our first affiliate sale commission.


Free Web Hosting Profit Screenshot

Free Web Hosting Profit Screenshot

Once the first sale happened, I knew I could look forward to booking my trip to leave the summer heat of Miami Beach.

I was on my way to actually being a digital nomad. Wow. Shocked.

Our negotiated payout with HostGator is $100 per sale. The above screenshot shows the incorrect payout at $50 per sale.

We called them up and they immediately fixed the error on our account.

As you can see, the first two weeks, we converted 7 customers immediately into a HostGator paid plan.

When I saw the first conversion on June 16th, I yelled and pumped my hands in victory!

I knew it was only a matter of time until we could build a sustainable business with HostGator providing our users with killer hosting at an unbeatable price.

We immediately knew we had to invest our “profit” from the first month into an expert SEO service to improve our Google rankings now that we figured out a sustainable conversion funnel.

So far, in 45 days, we have converted over 25 sales and are on pace for doing 20 sales in July 2016.

Stay tuned for the July results in the next post!


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