Today we were featured in a post written by our Founder John Rampton on Time Magazine.  The post was helping people to become happier at work.  It focused on 15 techniques on how to become a lot happier person and translate that into work.

Being happy at work doesn’t happen overnight.  I personally love what I do and would recommend to everyone out there that if you aren’t happy at work, you stop working there.  Get yourself out of it… heck, apply to our team as we’re hiring.  It’s not worth putting in all that time for little rewards.

Here are some of Ramptons tips:

Research from my free hosting startup Hostt has found “that having a best friend at work can turn a moderately engaged worker into a highly engaged worker.” When I hire people, I try and really pay attention to referrals of workers. When workers are engaged in friendships they contribute more to the bottom line.

Read full Time Magazine article here.


Hostt featured on Time Magazine

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