Today we were featured on TheNextWeb about things to know before hiring an offshore dev team. Since we’ve worked with an offshore dev team for the past few years (so that we can offer a free hosting service to everyone) we should have a good perspective!

Here is what we told TheNextWeb:

There Will Be Communication Problems

If you know going into this that there will be a language barrier, you will be fine. Make sure you detail out everything very clearly, then have your mom take a look at it and see if she understands. You want multiple people (besides yourself) to be able to follow your directions.

Even then, expect a few things to fall between the cracks. Also, make sure thatyou‘re staying in constant communication with the development team. Get updates on a daily basis so that you know if something isn’t going as planned. This will help with the language and time barriers.

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know before working with an offshore dev team

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