We were recently featured on American Express Open Forum about Shedding the Business Fears Holding You Back from becoming the business you need to become.

I wrote this article because of all the business owners out there that let fear hold them back.  They don’t become the business they are destined to become because of five reasons:

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Your “other” job
  3. Not investing in yourself
  4. Micromanaging your staff
  5. The idea of being finished

Stop letting poor habits control your business.  First thing you can do it get amazing free hosting for your business, hahaha. Next, just get started.  Don’t let the hosting scapegoat control your business.  Last, keep going no matter what.

If your business growth has stalled, it could be because you haven’t let go of the worries holding you back. It’s time to release them go and move on.

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Hostt Featured on AMEX - Letting go of business fears

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