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Humans. We’re creatures of habit, love routines, and can’t get enough of the familiar. That’s a great trait in many instances, but rarely when it comes to technology. In fact, that’s the main reason why so many people are clinging to basic shared hosting plans even though virtual private servers/VPS hosting is now often the same price. There’s not an iota of truth to the idea that basic shared hosting is “better” than VPS. In fact, VPS hosting is better in every regard. A few years ago, basic shared hosting dominated solely because it was so much more affordable than VPS. Then tech advanced, the two got on the same price point, but yet almost nobody jumped ship.

People don’t like to learn new things unless it’s necessary—especially “boring” things, and particularly if they don’t understand all of the benefits of switching. A reputable web host will explain the many upsides of VPS hosting, but why should they? After all, they’re pulling in the same profits whether a client goes with a basic shared plan or VPS hosting. Educating the client takes time, money, and effort. That’s why many web hosts don’t even offer VPS hosting. They’re still making their bottom line healthy with basic shared plans alone and the occasional dedicated hosting client.

Educate Yourself

You have two options: Rely on a web host to inform you, or you can take matters into your own hands. Once you realize all the benefits of VPS hosting, you might feel a teeny bit ripped off. Why are you paying the same price for a poorer performance? You can soothe yourself by remembering it wasn’t always that way. A few years ago, the high costs of VPS hosting might not have even been in your budget. However, the sooner you act and ditch the faux comfort of familiarity, the sooner you can start enjoying the perks of VPS.

Know that you may have to switch hosts to get VPS hosting, but don’t worry. It shouldn’t be a huge hassle, especially if your new host is service-centric and takes care of all the heavy lifting for you. Go with a fully managed plan, and you won’t even notice the shift. However, that can make things a little trickier. Few web hosts offer VPS hosting right now, and even fewer offer fully managed services. You might have to do a little more shopping to find this golden ticket.

Easy Does It

The odds are high that the first time you chose a web host, you did so by default. It’s common. There may have been a web host offering services when you bought your domain, and you thought you were knocking off two birds with one stone. That was probably okay in the early days while you were building your e-commerce business, but now you need more. As you’re racking up higher speeds and more security with VPS hosting, you may as well take the opportunity to get a better host, too.

This entire process is much quicker and easier than you think. Spend a little time choosing your new web host, and your business will blossom as a result.


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