If you ask someone what a web host does, you’ll get a plethora of responses—and many of them are wrong. “Hosting” sounds a lot like generic customer service, and “web”? Well, surely that can describe just about anything to do with the internet or websites. You’d be surprised at just how creative people can get when they’re put on the spot. You’ll get answers ranging from “making websites” to “registering domain names.”

Resting "host" face syndrome. Have you made your IT support smile today?

Resting “host” face syndrome. Have you made your IT support smile today?

For anyone who’s ever been a web host or worked for one, you know that being a web host/maintaining servers is a very niche job. You get blamed for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with you, and asked ridiculous questions that are totally outside your realm (like when you get a call asking you to make them number one for the keyword “cheap flights”). Here are some of the most common things people think web hosts do—but they don’t:


  1. Web hosts give me free Wifi 

Sorry, no. Hosts have absolutely nothing to do with providing internet/Wifii services, but you do need to have your site “hosted” before it can be found online. Web hosts should be offering a smorgasbord of options, but internet services just isn’t one of them. Luckily, web hosts are so used to this confusion that some of them can offer advice on how to find quality internet services for their (almost) customers.


  1. They make websites 

Some companies offer both web design services as well as web hosting services, but not necessarily. In many cases, customers stumble onto web hosting sites when they’re actually looking for design or development services. That’s putting the cart before the horse. However, if a web host gets enough of these confused calls, they just might think about expanding their services to include design.


  1. They handle mobile readiness 

That’s an entirely different arena and has to do with ensuring a website loads quickly and beautifully no matter what the platform or device being used. It’s a big buzzword right now, and a lot of website owners are worried about not being prepped for the mobile ready world. However, this is something a web designer should take care of, not a web host.


  1. They’re generic IT support

Of course a web host is there for IT support if there’s an issue with the server, but that’s the extent of their knowledge. They have no idea why your search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t that great or why there’s too much white space on the mobile version of your website. Luckily for customers, great web hosts can often intuit which company should really be contacted and can point clients in the right direction.


  1. They “do” SEO 

Only an SEO agency or professional can handle SEO needs. Just like web hosting, SEO can be very confusing to the average person, and the caller might be already frustrated when they reach a live web host. Unfortunately, this is like calling a used car lot in order to schedule a window tinting treatment. They’re kind of in the same ballpark, but totally different tasks.

As a web host, you’ll be getting a lot of wrong calls, but that’s okay. It’s an opportunity to possibly connect to a brand new client, possibly convert them by offering them better services, and it gives you an idea of what potential expansion might be in your future.

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