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If you have a dynamic site and are still depending on basic shared hosting plans, your visitors might not be seeing the same fast, high quality site as you! Remember that everyone is using a different browser, different device, and have varying levels of Wi-Fi quality. Yes, some of your visitors might even still be using dial-up! However, no matter how outdated their browser or device might be, everyone is still wanting faster content. Combine that with increasingly dynamic content on all sites, and you might have a problem.

Responsive design is a must for every site out there. This is something your web developer should prioritize. She should be regularly testing for responsive design, bettering your site, and coming up with solutions to make your site faster for all visitors. However, there’s only so much you can do on your end. Your web host plays a big role in how fast your site loads, and it all starts with your hosting package.

Are You Dynamic?

There are no stringent guidelines that define a dynamic vs. static site. Still, there are some aspects of a website that define the dynamic realm. For starters, if you have any videos at all on your site (including tutorials, tours, etc.), that’s a big dynamic aspect. The more videos you add, the more dynamic your site becomes—and the slower it may be. The “bigger” the videos, the more that’s required to load them quickly.

With vlogs (video blogs) replacing text blogs for many businesses, this has dramatically increased how dynamic sites are. Videos by far take up a lot of space, ultimately making your site load slower for several visitors. There are also large quality images, especially given the trend of using a big image as a homepage or landing page. You can tackle this in two ways (both in tandem are ideal!). Reduce the size of the image (you probably don’t need it as large as you think) and get virtual private server (VPS) hosting to help support it.

Get Rid of the Static

Having flash images on your site makes it dynamic, but in many instances you can get rid of these entirely. They aren’t worth the slower speeds, even if you do upgrade to VPS. If you have live chat options, that’s a great way to connect with your audience, but it comes at a cost (ahem, slow speeds). For trendy listicles, you’re again going to need high quality images. You might also be supporting social media integration as part of your forum/messages a la Buzzfeed.

In short, the big trends and movements in website design are going towards dynamic and you need to keep up. This will require extra support, and your web host can be a great ally. Upgrading to VPS hosting is often the same cost or just a tad more than your current basic shared hosting plan. It’s the fastest, easiest way to instantly give your audience a better experience.

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