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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means—certain industries will be dealing with seriously high online traffic. If you’re a florist, chocolatier, offer singing telegrams, or are dubbed one of the most romantic restaurants in the city, this is your Black Friday (well, Sunday) coming up. For many, this is the busiest month of the year. People depend on you to help them show their love and affection, and you can’t let them down. Unfortunately, a lot of people also leave this task to the last minute, making the week leading up to the big V-Day nearly impossible to keep pace with.

The quality of your site matters a great deal during this time. If somebody is already rushing to make that last minute gift basket order, do you think they’ll wait for a slow site to load? Probably not. Instead, they’ll move on to one of your competitors. There are many reasons online shopping carts get abandoned and there are high bounce back rates. One is due to slowness and another is lack of security (whether imagined or not). Who your web host is can make a big difference on both of these counts.

“Love” is a Four-Letter Word

Imagine this scenario: You’re a chocolatier in a mid-sized metro, and every February you make the biggest profits of the entire year. It’s bigger than Mother’s Day, Halloween, and the winter holidays. However, your website uses a basic shared plan. Maybe your host doesn’t even offer virtual private server (VPS) hosting, but you’ve never given that much thought—maybe you didn’t even know what it was until recently! Still, in past years your sales have been more than decent in February. As your most profitable month, you look forward to it every year.

However, what if you were told your sales could be even higher? What if the new customers you attract this year will be so impressed by the speed and security of your site that they’ll come back for graduation chocolate boxes, birthdays, and “just because” gift baskets? For the vast majority of businesses, there’s no such thing as a cap on how much you can earn. It’s up to you to ensure you have the right tools and services to give your customers the experience they deserve.

Make Your Host Your Valentine

It’s not too late to upgrade to VPS hosting. With VPS hosting, you get faster speeds, better customer service and optimized security. The customer service boost is all for you, but the speed and security is a perk that you and your customers alike can enjoy. It takes just a few hours to transition, even if you need to switch web hosts in the process (you likely will, since most hosts still don’t offer VPS hosting). Your customers won’t have a clue that a change is happening, but will instantly enjoy the faster speed once the transition is complete.

When it comes to love and passion, there’s no such thing as waiting.


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