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If you’re thinking about getting a dedicated server, that’s a huge investment—and sometimes it’s worth it. For some businesses, there’s only so long you can get along with a shared server. Many people ponder a dedicated server for quite awhile before they make a move, and you’re certainly required to research these much more than shared servers due to the cost alone. With a dedicated server, you’re the owner of the whole server just like the name replies, however you may opt to have a web host actually manage the server for you. However, getting a dedicated server can be an expensive mistake, and it’s not for everyone.

If you’re even considering a dedicated server, you’re probably the owner of the business and website. An easy way to check to see if a dedicated server is for you is simply looking at your daily web traffic. You need at least 3,000 visitors per day to even ponder a dedicated server, and the more you have the more likely it’s a good fit for you. If the website is slow and everything is in check from your end, that might be a sign that a shared server is no longer enough for your site.

Types of dedicated servers

There are two types of dedicated servers: Managed and unmanaged. If you go unmanaged, you’re buying the server and everything necessary to operate it. However, you have to know how to do this—or hire someone to do it for you. This is an option for only those major techies who have the skill and time to oversee it. A more popular choice is a managed dedicated server, which provides support for management as well as installation.

Once you’ve figured out the managed vs. unmanaged, the big question is where to get your server. Comparison shopping online can be a practice in patience and digging through useless information. The best way to narrow down your search is with product and web host reviews. There’s a good chance you’ll go with a managed server, so having a team of professionals in your corner—complete with glowing reviews—is crucial.

The importance of analysis 

For many companies, purchasing a dedicated server is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions you’ll make. First, calculate just what your company needs and compare it to the price. If you’re used to shared hosting, you’ll be shocked by the price difference. However, remember that a dedicated server means you won’t be sharing resources with anyone else. It’s like having an attorney on retainer where she’s serving many other clients compared to hiring an attorney full-time to sit dutifully in your office at your beck and call.

Obviously, that full-time attorney would cost a lot more and so do servers. If you don’t actually need a dedicated server, you could waste some serious cash. However, if the average price tag doesn’t make you flinch, your business is probably ready. Also remember that dedicated servers, just like any other office expense, can be a tax write-off for businesses and a great reason to further discourage employees from using the internet for personal use. A business write-off needs to be 100 percent business.

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