Most people go with the default web host offered when they register their domain name—and some of those domain names can get pretty weird. While some people are wondering if that web hosting deal is too good to be true, others are too busy being over the moon that the crazy .com of their dreams was actually available. In order to build a successful online presence, it all starts with the domain name and a close runner up is the quality of the web host. However, what happens is that perfect domain name isn’t as dreamy as you think?

Are your website visitors laughing with you or at you? (Photo: Flickr, Cory Huchkowski).

Are your website visitors laughing with you or at you? (Photo: Flickr, Cory Huchkowski).

A website with a name like might not be as prone to attacks as more popular sites, but a wonky domain name alone isn’t going to make a website safe. Choosing a website name should be two-fold: 1) A domain name that’s easy to remember, a .com, .org, or .edu if you’re in the US and 2) It should have a web host that’s reputable with guaranteed 99 percent and higher uptime.

Obviously, these website owners didn’t get the memo. Here are some of the strangest domains registered:


1. ahh (times 61) 

If you think Coke when you think “ahh”, you’re not alone—and that’s why the world’s leading beverage brand has 61 domains related to the word “ahh” (with various amounts of “h’s”). However, Coke knows what it’s doing, especially with SEO. Every single one of these websites features unique content that’s optimized for the company in one way or another. The Senior VP of Coke, Pio Schunker, says the many websites are “continuously tapping into a teen’s desire for discovery, constant simulation, and novelty.” Apparently nobody’s told Schunker about everyone’s need for non-stop stimulation these days.


2. It’s Crap 

“It’s crap?” Why would anyone want to shop here, then? Unfortunately, this IT scrap company ( just didn’t think too carefully before they registered this domain. They probably thought they stumbled onto a goldmine—why hadn’t one of their competitors scooped up this URL?—but nobody beyond a few people at the company are going to see “scrap” instead of “crap”. It’s a good thing purchasing a domain name isn’t all that expensive.


3. The Rapist! 

Anyone who lands on The Rapist’s website probably starts back clicking like mad, unless they’re into that sort of thing. In that case, they might actually benefit from the real person behind this URL: Of course, therapists should be well versed in Freudian slips, but somehow this one was slippery enough to even slip through their cracks. Like the It’s Crap people, whoever registered this domain was probably thrilled that such an obvious domain name was available. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (which is likely advice they give their clients).


4. Auction S*#t

Have you been looking around online for some auction ish you can bid on? You actually will find it here at Auctions Hit (, but unfortunately that four letter word right in the middle is hard to miss. The good news is that, no matter how you read it, you still get the message that this is a website for auctions. Maybe that URL is worth keeping after all.


5. First Baptist Cumming

Like it or not, the Latin word “cum” (for “turning into”) was sullied by the porn industry. Unfortunately, there are also related cities and regions like “Cumming” that refused to change even after pornography took it over. At, a website for the First Baptist Church in Cumming, they proudly sport their geo-targeting for all to see. Plus, it might even make the visitor who giggles at the name feel like they have a need for some more spirituality in their life.

When choosing a domain name, it’s important to be memorable—but not this memorable (and not over 60 times!).

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