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You’ve heard all about virtual private servers/VPS hosting and you’re ready to make the switch—but there’s a problem. Your current web host doesn’t offer VPS. You start looking around and realize it’s not nearly as common as basic shared plans, or sometimes even dedicated hosting! What gives? The truth is that VPS hosting costs the same to the consumer but can be a little trickier for web hosts. Basically, offering basic shared plans is easy. It’s what people wanted for a long time, and hosts can cram a lot of users onto basic shared hosting plans.

But that’s not what’s best for you. Luckily, there are some quality web hosts available who are ahead of the curve and offer VPS hosting along with basic and dedicated plans. Think it’s too much trouble to switch hosts? Think again. Hopefully you did your research the first time around and found a host with scalability, as well as the ability to leave the host when it suits you. There shouldn’t be huge fees for doing so.

And your new host? Choose the right one, and they’ll make the transition flawless. You’ll lose very little uptime and be equipped with a host who’s ready to serve you and your needs.

But, What About…

Yes, every web host is different and there will be different protocols for changing plans or hosts. However, it’s best to get out of a basic plan now before you lose any more visitors thanks to slow page speeds, downtime and other issues. This will also serve as a refresher course when it comes to the quality of your host’s customer service. Are they happy to help; is it easy to reach a live person; and is the jargon minimal? If so, you have a quality host.

If not, it’s a good thing you’re planning to switch! Your web host should be in your corner, putting you above everyone else. It’s how you’d treat your own customers and exactly what you deserve. Unfortunately, that’s not as common as many people think. A lot of people go with the first web host they stumble across because they think they’re all the same. That doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with that host forever. However, you do need to take action if you’re ready to switch hosts and/or upgrade to VPS hosting.

Finding a Great Host

What makes a great web host? Customer service, options, and scalability. If you can’t get VPS hosting, and you want it, why are you still sticking with that host? Ultimately, it’s your own visitors who are going to be struggling with the poor connection—but it’s you who will lose profits. Shopping for a great host will take a little time, and make sure to compare. They’re out there, but they might not be the huge corporations you recognize.

Instead, try looking at smaller, boutique hosts. They have the same quality equipment but might come with a more generous portion of customer service.


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