Digital Nomad Mid-Month Hosting Income Report

Digital Nomad Mid-Month Hosting Income Report

Digital Nomad in Guatemala

San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Being a Digital Nomad in Guatemala.

Paradise is not the word.

This place is really beyond being described with one word.

I’ll talk more about San Marcos and the lake-  but first…

How has done for August with regards to income?

Not that great, really.

Our conversions have dropped tremendously and I have not been able to figure out why…

Digital Nomad Hosting Income August 2016

Digital Nomad Hosting Income August 2016


Such is business..

Momentum and then a wicked turn meant to harden the resolve and sharpen the understanding of the actual workings of the beast called profitability.

First attempt:  I tweaked the landing page to reduce the amount of information in an effort to simplify the conversion page.

Let’s see if that helps any.

Moreover, I have checked the HostGator side of things and they seem to be working just fine.

In contrast, we went from having 11 sales in the previous 15 day period of July 15-August 1…to just 3 sales from August 1-15.

Digital Nomad Hosting Income August 2016

Digital Nomad Hosting Income August 2016

Our conversion rate has plummeted and although I have not been able to find out the actual reason why…I am still digging.

The hosting plan is the same.

The price is the same.

The page is the same.

The traffic has been steady without much change.

The conversion is way lower.

Interesting, really.

My only hypothesis at this point is that maybe, just maybe…the traffic came in from different places or different keywords?

An example: Keyword Traffic from “FREE HOSTING” is different than Keyword Traffic from “BEST HOSTING PLAN”.

Why you might ask?

If a user types into Google that they are seeking “FREE HOSTING”, their mind is expecting to encounter free hosting.

If someone comes in with the mindset that they are willing to pay for a “BEST HOSTING PLAN”service and just want the best service available, their spending habit is much more conducive to converting into a sale than the user searching Google for  “FREE HOSTING”.




I am going to be monitoring the progress of the tweaks to judge if they are helping or not.

In the meantime, I’ll be on the lake jumping off the cliffs and soaking up the good vibes.

As promised earlier…the Lake Atitlan lifestyle is tough to beat.

Spent a whole day on a charter boat with 4 friends from the UK.

We chartered the boat and had drinks from 10am to 6pm.

We each paid $20 for an all day boat party.

Tough to beat…Digital Nomad Guatemala

Back in Miami Beach, $20 wouldn’t even get me on a boat…let alone a private full day charter.

Uh, yeah…easy math says Guatemala is my sweet spot for being a digital nomad.

Close to Miami.

Cheap to live.

Cheap to enjoy.

Tons of fellow travelers.

Loving life here. Digital Nomad in Guatemala.

Any questions, just holler on the Twitts @host


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