Amazon Web Services has been around for awhile, revered by the Department of Defense (DOD) as the cloud web host of choice (obviously the DOD gets a different web hosting experience than the average Joe). However, rumors have been swirling about the compute-optimized C4 cloud instances created by Amazon, and it appeals than a mistaken revelation was made on the RSS feed update in early 2014. Venture Beat quickly jumped on the “announcement”, which detailed information about C4 before the feed was deleted.

Amazon has exciting hosting changes on deck (Photo: Flickr, Nic Taylor).

Amazon has exciting hosting changes on deck (Photo: Flickr, Nic Taylor).

While it’s true that hosting can indeed help with conversion, that’s only if you match the “right” web host with the right content. What’s known so far about C4 instances is the general pricing structure and how much Elastic Block Storage (EBS) via a dedicated server will be available. Previously, none of this information was made public. It looks like you’ll be able to get instances ranging from c4.large for 11.6 cents per hour—complete with 500Mbps of dedicated EBS—all the way up to c4.8xlarge instance for $1.848 per hour along with 4 Gbps.

Amazon isn’t free, but free hosting isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.


The Future’s Looking Bright 

It’s been less than 60 days since Amazon officially announced the C4, but at the time there was no prices or launch dates to speak of. The C4 is AWS’s premier performance EC2 instance offering. It was created for workloads that are compute-bound—in other words, it’s for premier websites with high demands. If your site offers online gaming, you need risk analysis or simulation, it might be for you. Of course, with a price tag of up to $1.85 per hour, that can add up quickly.

This is also important to note for online gamers who take PC World’s list of the best online gaming options as a challenge. Your web host can play a huge role in the quality of user experience. According to Amazon’s leak, the instances are founded on Intel’s Xeon E5-2666 v3 processor, which was designed especially for EC2.


Safe Keeping

It was also discovered that C4 will initially provide plenty of storage, which is an Amazon staple. Storage-optimized and memory instances are nothing new in the AWS world. Of course, it’s crucial with any high-needs web hosting offering since storage capacity is key in speed, user friendliness, and the overall experience for users and customers.

There’s still no word of when C4 will be launched, but given the agility with which Amazon moves products, experts are estimating sometimes this year. However, it might give some web host shoppers pause, especially with the influx of high quality freemium options available. Bear in mind that C4 isn’t intended for the masses or the average website owner. It’s like comparing a regular (albeit quality) laptop with a gaming computer. They’re designed to serve different needs and different customers—and C4 might be exactly what a few niche customers have been waiting for.

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