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There are thousands of web hosts out there, but more and more people are depending on WordPress because it can be free, it’s user-friendly, and truly offers one stop shopping. There are six main types of WordPress hosting, and they’re not for everyone. In fact, once you dig a little deeper, you might find that it’s better for you to choose a separate web host while still using WordPress for easy design. Here’s an overview of WordPress hosting types and what they offer:

  1. The free plan: This should only be used for personal websites that will have little to no traffic. If you have any kind of business site at all, you’re going to need to pay at least a small price. Plus, know that “Free hosting” on WordPress requires advertisements on your site. This can lower the SEO quality of your site, distract visitors, and make your site look spammy. Free packages are also slow.
  1. The shared plan: Whether with WordPress or another host, basic shared plans are by far the most popular and common. You get a low price because you’re sharing a server with perhaps thousands of others. Shared plans can also be slow, and this can kill your SEO rankings. WordPress shared plans are mediocre, and if you depend at all on your online presence for heavy traffic, you’ll need something with more features.
  1. The VPS plan: WordPress is one of the few hosting options that offers virtual private server/VPS hosting. It comes as managed VPS, which works if you don’t have any knowledge at all about running a server. However, you can also get VPS hosting from other hosts—including unmanaged hosting if that’s how you roll.
  1. The dedicated plan: Having a dedicated server means a server is bought by you, and can be managed by you or a host. However, most people who have dedicated plans have 1) a lot of money 2) a lot of expertise and 3) a very high traffic site or one that holds sensitive data like credit card information. Most people don’t need a dedicated plan, from WordPress or otherwise.
  1. Managed WP Hosting: You can get the WordPress team to manage most of the plans, which means stress-free hosting for you. However, managed hosting of course comes with an added cost. You’ll need to make sure you’re getting enough income/profits in order to make this a viable option.
  1. WP Hosting server: WordPress lets you have your very own WP hosting server if you have the money and skills at the ready. Of course, this is an unmanaged plan. Like a dedicated server, this isn’t for most people.

WordPress works best with Nginx or Apache, and you need at least PHP 5.2.4, MySQL version 5 or above, and mod_rewrite Apache module. Alternatively, start looking at boutique web hosts who offer you customer service, great hardware, and expertise around the clock—just like WordPress. Shopping around can ensure you find the best host for your business.

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