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Ok, so after doing a couple of articles such as how to research PPC keywords, or something along the lines of click through rates,  I have gotten more than a few questions that are somewhat basic but often a bit confusing in the PPC world.  I should revise that-  I have gotten these questions far before I started posting these specific articles here.  Now obviously, there is a politician-side to many questions that basically goes “well, it depends on yada yada yada…..”  Fortunately, there are a few questions that we get often enough that we can give a little more specific of a response to this.

One question that I seem to get pretty often is people asking how many keywords that they should be running for a certain ad group.  There are probably at least fifty different answers for this, but I certainly don’t want to chalk it up to “it depends.”  Lets take a look objectively at this question, and see what really matters.  Are your keywords that are driving most of the conversions for your campaign?  If this is the case, you may want to give them a keyword for every single ad group.  If you are getting very few impressions on it, then you may want to go to ad groups of four to six.  In doing this, you will have an easier time managing your accounts, and you will see a return on what keywords are doing the best.

Another question that we see quite a bit is people asking basically how much quality score actually matters.  This is a bit of an easier one for me to field.  Are you seeing a correlation with quality score, CPA and ROI?  If so, then it matters.  If not, then it still probably matters quite a bit.  You need your ads seen to make money, and the better your quality score is, the easier(and cheaper!) that will end up being.  Don’t shortcut your quality score.

Lastly, I get the negative keyword question relentlessly.  That’s ok, but lets lay it to rest once and for all.  It always ends up “how often do I need to add some negative keywords to ‘xyz’ account?”  I would be lying through my teeth if I did not advise you to monitor SQR on at least a bi-weekly basis, if not more often than that.  You don’t need to ADD the negative keywords though, unless you can see that you need them.  You will look for trends in your keywords, not specific searches.  Everyone can have an outlier here, we want common patterns.  You don’t want to be overloaded with negative keywords, but you want to make sure the ones that are significant are being addressed correctly.

There are many questions that are common to the PPC world.  We could likely go all day long on this, and still not cover all of them.  Hopefully though, this gives you a good start on what are some common questions posed related to PPC accounts.

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