Cloud With Me AWS Adoption Services Review

AWS adoption made simple. Come create your business on the clouds.

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User Experience

The main reason Cloud With Me was created was to make AWS adoption faster and easier for businesses. Although Amazon Web Services has incredible power to do complex tasks such as cloud computing, users – especially beginners – may find the processes complex or daunting.

In essence, the services of Cloud With Me aims to soften this aspect by bridging gaps between hosting and moving to the cloud. In just several clicks, you can easily install additional software, transfer data, and even manage servers. Thus, a seamless user experience is achieved.


It’s no wonder that they became an Amazon partner. After all, making things easier is also at the core of Amazon corporate strategies. Cloud With Me also offers other conveniences, like multiple languages on their dashboard, as well as the option of using the services completely for free. Add-ons will only cost you if you install them.


Features such as AWS server setup, an email account, FTP, and up to five servers are offered can be used for free. Add-ons that will be billed include WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and My SQL. The team is still working on extra services as the company is still quite young. But since their launch sometime in March of 2016, they’ve gained the trust of thousands of businesses who want to move to the clouds



AWS Adoption

Cloud With Me focuses on helping companies move to the cloud with little to no problems. As AWS adoption can be daunting for first-timers, their dedicated team is here to provide needed support for enterprises of all sizes. Now you can scale your business as you see fit. No technical knowledge required. Cloud With Me makes it easy to maximize Amazon Web Services to help your business gain an edge today.

iOS and Android Apps

Yes. Cloud With Me works with Amazon’s mobile services to offer a seamless experience across any device.

Perhaps one of the best cloud solutions services to use, especially if you already have AWS. It bridges the gap between Amazon’s rather complex platform to a process that makes hosting, backup, data archiving, and dev ops manageable with just several clicks. Cloud With Me caters to businesses or startups that need to handle multiple websites or services, so their tools are perfect for online commerce.

Not applicable.


All themes work are responsive and work wonderfully on tablets and mobile devises. This is worth emphasizing because sometimes other website builders will have responsive themes that don’t work for things like photo galleries but not Hostt.


Hostt’s style editor is the best style editor I’ve seen in any website builder. It’s really intuitive and lets you make an impressive amount of style changes— fonts, border colors, heading sizes, banner sizes, padding, navigation and more.


Hostt has always had excellent themes. Each theme is sleek and minimal. They are designed for big photos and strong typography. (And there are no cheesy small business templates.)


Good Billing Practices

I was able to pay and cancel my Hostt account with ease.

Customer Support

2hr 39min

Average customer support reply time.
(Industry average is 16 hours 32 minutes.)

Email Support

Hostt provides email support
(but not phone support).


Packed with features and thoughtfully designed. Themes are
contemporary and beautiful. Highly recommended.

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