Last week, we were able to chat a bit about what to look for in a web hosting data center, and what things are important that they all either do not have, or do have.  This week, I thought it would be good to focus a bit more on something you SEO/PPC guys will like.  The topic on the menu is click-through rate.  When we are talking about hosting options, it is important to remember that we are not just hosting a website so that we can have a website.  We are hosting a site so we can make MONEY! Calm down, I heard you gasp when I said that.  How dare I?  We are hosting a website for the greater good of the world right?  We wouldn’t dare be so bold to say we need money, would we?  Well…..not me.  I don’t sugarcoat it.  Otherwise, if money wasn’t the big goal, we wouldn’t all be reading articles like this one.

A large question that I get pretty often is basically, “what is a good click through rate?”  There are plenty of other questions that I feel would be more helpful to the budding web entrepreneur, but this one is the one I hear the most.  Simply, the answer is that it really depends on things like what you are selling, product overhead, volume, and a million other variables.  This “what is a good click through rate” question is a bit misguided, and we will examine why it is, shortly.

The first, most obvious one to me is the idea that a “good” click through rate is purely subjective.  I will give you an example.  If I start a website, and I am getting a good enough click through rate that I am making a hundred thousand in revenue a year, I am thinking to myself that is a fun little project that I am really doing well with!  If we move that same project over to John, another author here, he is probably the most ambitious person I know.  He wants his click through rates to cure cancer.  Catch my drift?  Success and goals are subjective in nature.

Some of the ways to make things go a little more smoothly when you hit a bump in the road is to change up your call to action, bring some fast acting action to this call to action(like an expiration date or something that will make them act now), or extend the display URL’s to contain your keyword at the end.  Crazy though, you might even try something like CAPS LOCK! I am not advocating this specifically, but I am trying to help you guys think out of the box and run some tests that you wouldn’t normally run.  It very well may pay off!

Basically, it doesn’t matter what this individual statistic is by itself, focus on the total statistic performance of your site.  Look at the big picture, and if this area is a lagging point, bring it up! Maybe…..look here for some good thoughts too. until next time!

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