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Charitable donations as well as Small Business Free Hosting are a good idea for businesses. The amount may not be as important as how you give and where you give it. Giving back to the community at any level is a smart business move. You’re helping others and along the way your own business can garner benefits from free publicity to tax benefits. There’s nothing cynical about ensuring that your donation is maximized as a tax deduction; as complicated as the US tax code is, it still has built-in encouragements for charitable giving that any competent accountant can help you discover and use.

Consider the following concepts as you plan your company’s gifting strategy for the next fiscal year:

One of the cornerstones of customer loyalty is their knowledge and consequent pride in the public service your company provides, both locally and beyond. According to statistics compiled by US Self Storage, charitable giving has increased by 7% since 2014. So your company is following a growing trend when it donates cash, items, time, etc., to a charity. And there’s nothing wrong with getting your clients involved in your charitable work via your social network, whether it’s texting, emailing, tweeting, blogging, Facebook, or Instagram — to name just a few of the cyber venues available to you. Instead of just trying to SELL your customers on your product or service, let them know that a part of their fees and payments go to a worthy cause.

Make sure to involve your employees in the charitable work your company does. This helps them realize that they are not just working for a soulless, faceless entity that issues them a paycheck on a regular basis, but are involved with an organization that has a heart and cares for other things besides the bottom line. A Run for charity, or a company white elephant sale, or any number of other activities, can bring your staff together without the cost and effort of a company party. In fact, you should turn to your staff for ideas about charitable giving — they can give you invaluable information on what local causes are ‘hot’ and can give you the most bang for your buck.

Make sure to investigate every charity you propose to fund long before you drop a single dime. The two questions to ask are: Are they legit, and Do they have Tax-Exempt status? Once those questions are satisfactorily answered, get with your accountant about what works best for your taxes — donating cash or material (such as a used car or office furniture) or time donated by employees (can you pay them and then take that as a write off?) The thing to remember about taxes is: Be creative, but don’t be sneaky. The IRS is not always happy with originality, but if everything is aboveboard they are less inclined to haul you in for an audit. And take a moment to see what your competitors are doing in the charitable giving department; if it works for them it can work for you.

Finally, remember to keep your gifting in line with the line of business you’re in. A Small Business Free Hosting service, a grocery store or restaurant would naturally lean towards helping out food shelves and a heavy construction company would want to donate surplus building materials to a charity’s rebuilding campaign. Schools, libraries, nursing homes, even prisons, might appreciate your old computers when it’s time to upgrade. Even Small Business Free Hosting services toss out old equipment and write it off as a deduction.

Before you throw anything out, make sure to find out who might want it as a donation.

The US Small Business Administration has some excellent guidelines on their website for how to take advantage of tax breaks for charitable giving. Check ‘em out! Good deeds can be good business.

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