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DDOS Attacks Up 150% This Year

  • Published on : Mar 22 2016
If it seems like every hack you hear about involves distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, you’re onto something—research shows that DDoS attacks have gone…


Web Hosting Tips from Africa

  • Published on : Mar 21 2016
  You’ve heard all the tips on how to choose a web host in North America, but have you ever wondered if the best practices…


Think Your Connection is Secure?

  • Published on : Mar 17 2016
  According to Security Intelligence, an analytics company providing data for the information security industry, almost every SSL VPN server is woefully unprepared to keep…


Hacks on the Rise

  • Published on : Mar 16 2016
  If it seems like there have been more hacks than normal, you’re right. There’s been an increase in cybercriminal activity, even as reports showcase…


Can You Optimize VPS?

  • Published on : Mar 15 2016
It’s not just your host who needs to be on top of the quality of your virtual private server (VPS) hosting—there are tasks you can…


Hackers Target Xbox Live

  • Published on : Mar 14 2016
Here’s a hack many people, except gamers, won’t care about: Xbox Live is being threatened by cybercriminals, with a promise of “knocking it off the…

Speed Up WordPress

Speed Up WordPress

  • Published on : Mar 10 2016
  A lot of people depend on WordPress as an easy and affordable way to make and maintain their own website and blog. But is…

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