Most businesses want a .com or .org, but there’s something to be said for a website with a country identifier. Kind of like .us for some American companies, .ca lets people know instantly that a website is Canadian. According to the Canadian Internet Registrar Authority (CIRA), there are plenty of benefits to showing your Canadian pride. Funio, a top Canada-based web hosting company, says, “We are delighted that the CIRA is collaborating with Funio to promote .ca domain names all across Canada.” The goal of this partnership is to address concerns about using .ca instead of more mainstream URLs.

The Director of Operations at Funio, Charles Francisci, says, “The benefits of the .ca domain are not always fully understood by Canadian entrepreneurs and it is with this type of initiative that we will be able to share all the great benefits of choosing a .ca domain instead of .com” It’s not necessarily in the web host’s best interest to “push” for a particular URL over another. In some instances, customers may need to pay for a more in-demand URL like .com, whereas more obscure URLs can come free—such as the URL. Instead, Francisci insists that he simply wants to unearth the real truths behind using a country-specific URL.

Country of Origin Decisions

For 16 years, this web host has specialized in serving Canadian businesses in particular, but like many web hosts, there are clients around the world who may benefit from their services. Francisci points out that search engine optimization (SEO) and local SEO (LSEO) are an added bonus of choosing .ca. In some instances it’s a more affordable URL particularly for startups and small businesses. Enjoying scalable infrastructure is critical, and should be offered by any reputable web host. Offering a variety of URL choices that can be scaled up or down gives website owners more control.

Funio offers features and promises that are a model for any web host, such as highly secure data centers and complimentary backups every day on all servers. However, the promise of “zero down time” can give some pause; it’s technically impossible to offer 100 percent uptime. Disasters happen, and sometimes scheduled downtime is necessary. Instead, clients should seek out web hosts that offer over 99 percent uptime (as close to 100 as possible) without getting lured in by unbelievable figures.

See a Penny, Pick It Up

The cost of a .ca via Funio is just one penny, which surely falls into the budget of every website owner (even those who simply want to host a personal blog). There are, of course, ways to snag a completely free website, but that usually involves getting stuck with a URL that isn’t very desirable and ultimately offers free advertising for the host. “Free” hosting can come with a lot of contingencies, which is why it’s so important to read the fine print.

Funio specializes in startups, and CIRA is eager to help entrepreneurs get started on a budget. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misguided hype over the importance of the .com URL. Going with a different kind of URL not only has SEO benefits, but also allows more companies to get the domain name of their choosing. For example, something like is probably taken, but might be up for grabs and can be more appealing to Canadian audiences.



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