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It’s not just your host who needs to be on top of the quality of your virtual private server (VPS) hosting—there are tasks you can manage, too! VPS is essentially a blend of shared and dedicated hosting, giving you the best of both worlds. It comes with great performance and better reliability/durability than shared plans, but at a smidgen of the cost. It’s a fantastic tool, but if you’re 100 percent relying on your host to keep you safe and happy, you might be in for an unfortunate surprise.

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The bigger your website and/or company gets, the more your equipment will be feeling the pressure. You want to ensure your server is as efficient as possible, and it needs some support. To increase the performance of your VPS, start by making sure caching software is installed. It can give you a better outcome and faster response rates. Caching is the simplest way to boost efficiency because it keeps temp files on the hard drive, offering access to the site faster. If you’re asking for files over and over, that can slow down performance.


However, having temp files stored right on the RAM boosts latency and speed because you have those regularly used files within easy reach. Your visitors can get to your website and around it with more ease. Try Memcached, Squid, Varnish, or any other reputable caching software to get started.


Don’t Forget Content


Improving your content can play a big role in overall website performance and speed. There are many tools to help with this, such as Google PageSpeed. It can analyze your site and tell you where and why load times are slow. Content includes images and videos, and these are the two areas that can really slow down a site. Removing useless content and adjusting image sizes can give you the speed you need.


Check that Apache is properly configured. It’s key for optimizing a VPS server, and if done incorrectly it can cause website problems and inefficiency. The distinct layer of settings can be altered to give you some big changes in the VPS environment. Just the most beneficial and useful functions in Apache should be utilized.


The Bells and Whistles


What’s the distance from your server to the user’s browser? If it’s too much, that can slow things down. A content delivery network service can speed things back up. The faster your site responds to a visitor request, the faster your web page performance is.

Finally, make sure your MySQL is up to date. Have it out of date, and you can suffer from technical problems and an inefficient system. Threats become more serious, so double check that your MySQL is the most up to date version. Most importantly, don’t assume that all VPS hosts are the same because there can be a lot of wiggle room when comparing! Many website owners are preferring smaller or local hosts who offer premium customer service with the peace of mind that comes from being locally owned.




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