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Surprisingly, the answer is yes. If your conversion rates are slow, even though you know your site is getting some favorable glances and the traffic is rolling in, your web host might be causing you to plateau. However, this isn’t the problem area most website owners focus on. Instead, they keep working away at their marketing strategy, but without a quality web host all those efforts might be in vain. Depending on the types of hosting services your web host offers, you might never be able to achieve the kind of conversion rates you’re after.


Is your web host getting in the way of you and your bottom line?

Is your web host getting in the way of you and your bottom line?

Here’s the thing about web hosts: A lot of their magic is done quietly, in the background, and most of their customers don’t want to bother translating the jargon and statistics. Slow conversion rates can be directly tied to a poor performing host. While you (hopefully) get weekly social media and website analytic reports, when’s the last time you checked your web host report? Whether they have subpar hardware they’re sticking you with or cramming too many clients onto each server, you need to know what your web host is doing.


The Three Second Rule

Forget the five-second rule for when you drop a cookie on the floor—in the world of web hosting, it’s a three second rule. You have three seconds (or less) for your page to load and all images to appear perfectly before your customers start back clicking. Studies have shown that people won’t wait longer than that, and their patience is wearing even thinner with time and the advent of smarter and smarter gadgets.

There are many factors when it comes to your website’s speed, and hosting is one of them. You’re responsible for the design-speed aspect, and your host is responsible for speed on their end. You might need to upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS), or simply find a new web host with more uptime than your current one.


A Good Host’s Habits

A quality web host like Hostt will put your website’s security as a top priority. This is often done via Linux and VPS plans since this pairing optimizes security. At the same time, you need a host that focuses on scalability, too. You deserve a host with a variety of scalability options so it can grow with you. Use less or more resources as needed without it toying with your bill.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great server, either. Servers are tech devices, and they’re not all created equally. Some are better than others, and your web host might try to cut corners by purchasing the cheapest options. A good server is often the mark of a stable host who (probably) won’t get shut down or have security breaches.


Customers First

Web hosts know that a lot of their customers are eCommerce clients. They should focus on making your transactions perfect, with easy steps and transparent information. An eCommerce solution that’s not designed well, even on a VPS, will lead to slow page loads and failures.

Finally, make sure your web host’s servers aren’t overloaded with clients. Too many sites on a server will cause trouble every time. If your host won’t give you their maximum client per server number, steer clear of that “host”.

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