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You’ve heard about virtual private servers (VPS hosting), but who does it the best? There are many web hosts who aren’t keeping pace and may not even offer VPS hosting—they only offer basic shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting. However, you don’t need to go with a “big host” in order to take advantage of the latest teacher’s pet in web hosting. Boutique web hosts not only offer VPS hosting, but combine it with a level of customer service that your business deserves. When you’re comparison shopping for web hosting plans, don’t overlook the smaller agencies just yet.

There are a few potential differences between big hosts and boutique hosts that are worth noting. The first is customer service. When you’re serving millions of clients, it’s pretty tough to offer premium service. Bigger hosts might lose you in a customer service automation maze, or it might be impossible to talk to a skilled technician when you’re having problems. In this scenario, boutique hosts usually win.

Safety First

However, big hosts usually have much deeper pockets than smaller hosts—but that doesn’t necessarily mean they spend it wisely. You might assume bigger hosts have better security than smaller hosts and in some cases that’s true. They can afford the best CCTV cameras, 24/7 security, and to build a data center that rivals Fort Knox. Don’t count out the boutiques yet though, because how much security do they really need?

The beautiful thing about VPS hosting is that the web host just needs one physical server. It’s then separated into a number of virtual private servers that don’t actually take up space. It’s not that difficult to protect the single physical server, and many hosts (of all sizes) often rent rack space in an established data center. Building a data center is an incredibly costly process and just doesn’t make sense to make their own to the vast majority of web hosts. Even a big web host might rent rack space, and you can find their servers in the same building as a boutique host’s server.

What Makes VPS Special?

The quality of the physical server is just one piece of the puzzle. Servers are like computers, and they come with a variety of bells and whistles. They range from a few thousand dollars to $200,000. While it’s well within your right to ask about the details of the physical server, there are more important considerations. For example, what kinds of upgrades and maintenance are performed? Where is the server located, and what is the security like? Will you be able to reach a customer service agent around the clock, and what’s the guaranteed uptime?

Offering high quality VPS hosting isn’t dependent on how much money a web host has. Instead, focus on their mission and customer service. This is what really counts, and what will either drive you up the wall after a few months or turn you into a loyal, lifelong customer. The hardware is just one part of great VPS hosting, but it’s what you do with it as a web host that really makes the difference.


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