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It seems too good to be true, but this is one instance where there are no hidden tricks. If a virtual private server/VPS hosting is so much better than basic shared plans, how can they cost the same? Of course, the actual price depends on the type of basic plan and the host. However, in many cases the costs are the same or very close to one another. If there are no tricks up host’s sleeves, why would anyone go with a basic shared plan? Well, you can blame history and the human love of familiarity for that.

These two types of hosting options haven’t always been on the same price point. There was a time when VPS hosting cost much, much more than shared plans. However, over the years technology has unsurprisingly advanced. Hardware and software to manage VPS hosting was once expensive procedures, but now has caught up with the cost effectiveness of basic shared hosting. This means that clients like you are reaping all the benefits—or are you?

Getting with the Program

Technology has been clipping along at a rapid pace, but not everybody’s keeping up. People have needed hosting plans for decades and a lot of them are comfortable enough with their basic plan. They might not be “happy” per se, but they don’t see any real point in switching. Even if their own host offers VPS and promises scalability and an easy transition, it can seem like a lot of work. By nature, humans don’t like to sign on for extra work. They need to know the benefits will be worth it and hosting can be a very foreign concept.

The simple answer: We’re kind of too lazy to actively switch. When’s the last time you went shopping for a web host or a plan? It’s probably not since you initially kicked off your website. You’d have to be starting a new website to even be in that market again. However, comparison shopping for plans and web hosts is something that should be undertaken on a regular basis. If you don’t compare your host and plans to others, how do you know you’re getting the best deal?

Kicking Basic to the Curb

It will probably be a long time—if ever—until basic hosting is no more. People are familiar with it, and a lot of people don’t really “need” to switch. If you’re running a personal blog on beauty tips and don’t care about monetization, followers, traffic, or anything else, basic is more than enough for you. Still, you can enjoy faster speed, less downtime and better customer service with VPS. You might eventually switch, and you might not.

For the businesses out there, regardless of your size, it’s time to get on board with VPS. If your current web host doesn’t offer it, or doesn’t offer VPS at an attractive price, you may need to switch hosts. Consider smaller boutique hosts if you want better customer service while still snagging a fair price. You’ll be surprised what VPS can do for you!


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