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There are numerous studies showing that adding a blog to your business site can boost organic traffic. It engages your audience in an entirely different way. Here, you can offer tips, tutorials, and show the personality of your business that just isn’t possible within the landing page content. For some business owners, blogs are also a way to establish thought leadership and expertise in the field. However, studies have also been indicating for awhile now that—sadly—people are reading less and less. The idea of going through blocks of text is overwhelming, especially on mobile devices. Thus, vlogs (video blogs) have been born.

These are nothing new, and in fact vlogs are the platform for “YouTube stars.” However, vlogs are relatively new as a replacement or addition to the average business blog. They come with their own challenges (no surprise here). Doing a vlog in a poor or mediocre manner can do more harm than good, but many website owners don’t realize that their vlog isn’t up to snuff. Are you making a common vlog mistake?

Speeding Towards Engagement

A website needs to be able to support more dynamic content if you’re adding a vlog. In the past, maybe your basic shared hosting plan was good enough for static content, including that text blog. Now that you’re putting a vlog into the mix, your site might be slower for many visitors. Perhaps it doesn’t look this way on your end, but everyone uses different devices, browsers, and has access to varying degrees of Internet speed.

Upgrading to a virtual private server (VPS) hosting package from your basic plan is one of the easiest ways to increase site speed. Even better, it costs about the same as your basic shared plan. Remember that web hosting is a business expense, and thus a tax write-off. Upgrading can be done quickly, even if you’re switching hosts in the process. Plus, you’ll get better security with VPS, which is key to keep you, your business, and your website visitors protected.

Site Upgrades

The actual quality of your videos will make or break them. “Quality” includes the content itself, the editing, and the lighting. People are more inclined to watch videos than read text, but they don’t want to watch long vlogs. Aim to keep it under two minutes, or at least no longer than the average music video. Once you’ve established a loyal audience you might be able to pepper in longer webisodes, but only if the audience is demanding it. Otherwise, short, sweet and to the point is the way to go.

You don’t need to retain a professional videographer and spend a lot on equipment for quality. Today’s average built-in cameras and mics are often good enough. You do need to employ basic video best practices, such as using natural light when possible, enunciation, and using the best presenters you have available.

Vlogs are no easy beast to master, but they can seriously improve your organic traffic when done right.


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