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This week, we have talked a lot about PPC, Search Engine Optimization, and how to drive traffic to your websites.  If you are like me, you get tired of only hearing about what to look for in a data center, or who is giving the best free stuff, etc.  Well, in a real business setting, we need to be concerned with productivity at work, so that we can get the best bang for our buck, so to speak.  The same thing applies when it comes to your online campaigns and driving traffic and revenue to your site.  When you are running a PPC campaign, there are often things that we need to do to work within a small budget.

The first thing that I want to make sure that everyone knows is that if you don’t end up in the number one spot on Google for your keyword, that is O.K.  Everybody and their dog is trying to get that number one spot, and they are(at times) paying dearly for this spot.  Don’t buy into this on your keyword bidding if you don’t have the money to play ball.  The Return on your investment for the third or fourth spot can many times be far better than the top spot.  If you hit the 5th spot and are getting conversions out if it, then be O.K. with it.

There are also plenty of free options that you have for your campaigns.  Ad extensions allow you to have links for all of you campaigns.  These will also show page depth on your site and such.  Adding some negatives from SQR are also a great way to go.  If someone is promoting a hormone replacement company, you might not want “lance armstrong” searches or “baseball” on the list of keywords.

I would also urge you to get yourself a high quality score.  With Google, the better your Quality score is, the less you will end up paying for your clicks.  This is because your eligibility for more keywords goes up exponentially.  If you can create good structure in your account, and have great and relevant keyword choices, then you will be more likely to have good content on your landing pages.  With all of these things, you are likely to have a great quality score.

The last thing I would recommend is to pause all of your under performing and lagging keywords.  There is no reason to be hanging onto terrible keywords just for the sake or making a good amount of money on them a few months, or even years ago.  Lets get on board with the common sense here and pause the stuff that is not longer making you money.  I have seen people hang onto keywords simply because of what I almost perceive to be sentimental purposes.

These may not be some of your biggest problems ever, but if you will work on this, it will save you money on your PPC efforts.

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