Have you been introduced to Google Panda? Even if you’re not familiar with Google’s ever-changing SEO requirements and preferences, if your business has an online presence you’re battling the Panda (whether you like it or not). Maybe you’re managing a firm of work permit lawyers or hawking discount party favors. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in – knowing how to handle the Panda is critical, and your web host plays a big role (for better or worse).

What Does This Even Mean?

Whether you’re a Pensacola immigration lawyer or a taxidermist in Charlotte, you need to find clients and customers. You do that via outreach and web presence. Does it seem like your site is buried on page 100 of Google searches? That’s because you’re not playing nicely with the Panda, or maybe your web host is sketchier than you think with subpar hardware. Google Panda constantly scours every single web site to see if you – and your competitors – are complying with SEO best practices.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a critical part of business. It determines how well or poorly your site is ranked on Google searches. If someone is looking for an immigration attorney, chances are they will go with one of the first few hits they get. If you’re way down the list, potential clients will never even see you.

How to Move Up the Ranks

The Panda attacks (ahem, moves down the list) “low quality sites” which is determined by fluid factors. Overall, low quality sites have a lot of ads, spam, poor content, and low traffic. Of course, these sites have low traffic because the quality is poor and visitors are bombarded with spam.

Get Back in the Panda’s Favor

So, you’ve figured out that you’re nowhere near the first page of Google searches. That’s okay as long as you correct it. Being ill-favored by Panda isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it gives you and your business time to recover and come back stronger than ever. Use this time as a low-ranker to overhaul your web site. Don’t worry about clients seeing an under construction site because there is likely no one clicking on your page at this point anyway.

Remember what Panda likes and work your site around that. Only use 100% original, well-written, and interesting content. Hire a professional writer and SEO pro if your budget allows. If not, make sure to utilize the strongest writer on your team. Get as many eyes on the content as possible. Check grammar over and over. Make a list of what words clients are likely to type into Google and in what order and make sure to use those phrases throughout the content.

Spring Cleaning Year-Round

Get rid of those ads and spammy links. Panda doesn’t like it. Unless you actually are generating a tidy revenue based solely on those ads, they’re killing your business. SEO requires clean copy with minimal  (preferably zero) advertisements. When visitors see a page overflowing with blinking ads and links, they quickly move on and Panda takes note.


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